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Art Is Essential

Art is essential, it is said, to complete a home or office decorating project. We could not agree more!

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of making our space, no matter how big or small, feel comfy and inspiring. Enjoying the simple pleasures of daily life often times starts with refreshing our home. More importantly, expressive photography artworks in any medium and size are essential in creating an uplifting home environment.

Art prints look great and do not have to cost a fortune. The artwork that you choose does not need to be that of a major artist. In fact, the independent artists that you’ll find right here on are affordable and bring unique art pieces to your home for stunning visual conversation starters.

When on a budget, installing affordable large-scale wall art is one of the best design ideas to make your home look and feel more luxurious. The best designed rooms use art as a focal point.  To give any room the ‘wow’ factor, try hanging an oversized piece of beautifully framed art where you and your guests can easily feel its presence. There are hundreds of art pieces to be found here, on Many of the artists that we feature can easily fit into any budget and more importantly enhance any room while adding the ambiance you have been craving.

If you are looking for oversized wall art you’ve come to the right place. All of the art prints featured on this site can be printed in large-scale formats to satisfy even the pickiest interior decorator.  We suggest that you work through the images offered on this site on your own or with the help of an interior designer to find those perfect prints to fit your decor.

Displaying artwork is no longer limited to simply hanging a picture on the wall. There are too many genres and art print mediums that can launch a home’s decor into the stratosphere. As you begin planning to re-decorate the look of your space, whether it be residential or commercial, changing the artwork will add a new dimension and make it pop.

The main factor to consider when decorating a home is finishing the space with fine art prints in a variety of styles, genres, and colors.  The size of the art prints should be in proportion to the room. Art prints need to be scaled to fit into the room and should not hide other items in the room.

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You can easily and securely purchase artwork from Photo Art Pavilion today and support independent, contemporary ART PHOTOGRAPHERS!

We offer a wide variety of art pieces in different mediums, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style and budget. And if you’re not sure where to start, OUR EXPERTS WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU FIND THE PERFECT PIECE FOR YOUR SPACE. 

Photo Art Pavilion is a national, curated art sales catalog dedicated exclusively to fine art photography. We represent the emerging and established photographer and their complete art portfolios.

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What’s your style?

Prints matted and framed.
All watermarks are removed before printing.  We use archival inks and all of our papers and mats are acid-free. You can customize the framing of any image by selecting a mat and frame with just a few clicks. Choose from multiple mat colors and frame options. We offer classic wood frames and acid-free mats.

Prints behind Acrylic.
Acrylic prints are printed onto the back of a 3/8” thick sheet of acrylic (plastic).

Prints on metal.
Metal prints are printed onto a thin sheet of metal (aluminum).

Canvas prints.
Canvas prints are printed onto a sheet of canvas. The canvas is then stretched over a wooden frame. All acrylic, metal, and canvas prints come ready to hang.

All images print without the Photo Art Pavilion watermark.
Larger Print Sizes Available Upon Request.
FREE standard U.S. shipping with your purchase.
Standard U.S. shipping delivery speed is usually 3-10 business days after processing.

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