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Sometimes finding a subject to photograph is just pure luck... after I snapped the shutter on this

A real bunny rabbit.

Al Foti
Just past the Park office is a small building that might have once been a storage/kitchen type room

Christmas Window

Al Foti
This part of Ringwood Manor has a beautiful room with fantastic windows... in this room is a piano,

Lovely Reflections

Al Foti
Churches are always a warm place to see... when a church has a graveyard next to it.... it is

Old Church

Al Foti
In most Botanical Gardens there usually is a sign to identify the flowers or the trees, etc. But

Daisies Never Tell

Al Foti
Once you learn to pronounce and say  Kanawauke... you never forget to visit anytime you are near.

Lilly Pond

Al Foti
A few years ago on an early winter day I decided to take one of my special solo hikes. The weather

Short Cut

Al Foti
White Birch look great where ever you find them

Purple Birch

Al Foti
Hiking alone has so many great advantages... you can stop when you wish, go when you wish, ...and

Flowers on the Trail

Al Foti
Making a right turn onto Kanawauke Road I came face to face with this wise old guy. I stopped the

Who’s who.

Al Foti
This lake is a beautiful spot to spend some time and enjoy lunch. If you are ever lucky enough to be

Blue Birch

Al Foti
This hardy plant has lived in my backyard for more than 25 years. Nor wind, nor rain, nor snow...nor

Daffodils Forever

Al Foti

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