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An imperial shrimp riding on the back of a gloomy tambja nudibranch.

An Imperial Shrimp Hitching a Ride

Bruce Campbell
This nudibranch reminds me of lime green jello.

LIme Green Nudibranch

Bruce Campbell
As the sun was going down this lioness became pretty active in searching for her next meal.

A Lioness on the Hunt

Bruce Campbell
The smoke from local fires meant that the color of the sky turned a deep red as the sunset.

The end of a long day on Safari

Bruce Campbell
This porcelain crab was using the movement of the soft coral to try to hide from predators.

A Porcelain Crab Hiding in Soft Coral

Bruce Campbell
This lioness was struggling to wake up.

Is it Morning Already

Bruce Campbell
Asserting his royalty, this emperor shrimp finds of place of honor to ride across the seafloor on

Hitching a Ride

Bruce Campbell
As the sun was setting, the water bucks were on high alert because several lions had been patrolling

Water Bucks on Alert

Bruce Campbell
An abstract of water and oil in solution.

Water and Oil

Bruce Campbell
The African Fish Eagle has a broad wing span and covers a lot of territory with each beat of its

An African Fish Eagle flying by the trees

Bruce Campbell
Underwater shipwrecks often provide structure for fish to gather and form schools. Here black bar

Schooling Over a Wreck

Bruce Campbell
A lioness on the prowl for a meal in the Chobe National Park in Batswana.

Lion on the Prowl in the Chobe

Bruce Campbell

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