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A peacock flounder resting on the bottom of the ocean.

A Colorful Flounder Resting on the Bottom

Bruce Campbell
A hypsaldoris nudibranch in a pastoral scene with a blue background.

Pastoral Nudibranch

Bruce Campbell
An African Darter bird drying his feathers while he was waiting to go catch fish.

An African Darter Resting on a Log

Bruce Campbell
Resting on a hydroid at about 60 feet this skeleton shrimp was waiting for a meal to swim by. This

Skeleton Shrimp Waiting for Lunch

Bruce Campbell
A vervet monkey looks down from his perch wondering if he will get a snack.


Bruce Campbell
The hammerhead shark swims through the dive site after eating the bait.

A successful pass by a hammerhead shark

Bruce Campbell
The sun had set, the elephants had crossed the Chobe river and as the last rays of light were

Late Night Meal

Bruce Campbell
This nudibranch crawled out of the darkness into the light on the sub-straight

Crawling into the Light

Bruce Campbell
A goby resting on a sea pen in Anilao, Philippines.

A Goby on a Sea Pen

Bruce Campbell
This mule deer paused while eating to check for predators.

A Quiet Moment for a Mule Deer

Bruce Campbell
Forest fires were burning several miles away from the grand canyon. The fires put quite a bit of

View from the South Rim

Bruce Campbell
Christmas tree worms typically live on coral at around 40 to 50 feet below the surface of the water.

Underwater Christmas

Bruce Campbell

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