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This is an image treated with a sepia bath. This adds a warm tint to the image and brings out

A Tree On A Mountaintop

Dean Perrus
This image was photographed with my camera on my tripod, with the shutter open for approximately 8

Mountain Star Trails

Dean Perrus
This image was taken at dusk on the South Dakota plains.

Lightning Storm Over the Badlands Pt. II

Dean Perrus
Photographed after the storm. Hiking in the mountains after a snowstorm is one of the most peaceful

Winter Wonderland In The Mountains

Dean Perrus
Bad Start to a Monday- I decided to go out into the Everglades, before sunrise. I'm alone walking

Biography of a Gator

Dean Perrus
This image was taken at 3AM in the Badlands. The camera used was a Nikon D800 with a 20mm f1.4 lens

Milkyway Over The Badlands Pt. III

Dean Perrus
While walking down a country road with my camera, I came upon this scene. Sometimes, when you least

Walking Down A Country Road

Dean Perrus
Photographed this sliver of a moon in the Badlands. Photographed with a Nikon D800e camera.

Nighttime In The Badlands

Dean Perrus
This beautiful panoramic is an image of where the first silver and lead mines were discovered back

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Dean Perrus
This image was photographed late at night, somewhere in Colorado. I can't remember where, (hey, it

The Milky Way Over the Rockies

Dean Perrus
This image was taken just before Hurricane Ian destroyed the pier.

Sunset Over the Naples Pier

Dean Perrus
Photographed with a neutral density filter to prolong the exposure to blur and soften the water.

The Yellowstone River Montana

Dean Perrus

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