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The two Blue Herons are top of the next and they might plan to have a family.

Two Blue Herons Are Top Of The Next 65

Drew Super Photography
Cornish_Windsor Covered Bridge side view crossing from Cornish, New Hampshire into Windsor, Vermont.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge Side 48

Drew Super Photography
Shooting fireworks for July Fourth and other holiday celebrations.

Shooting Fireworks On July Fourth Celebration 48

Drew Super Photography
The sun set photo was taken from the boat on the Golf Of Mexico in the Naple, Florida area.

The Sun Is Setting In The Golf Of Mexico 61

Drew Super Photography
Madeira Butterfly is resting on the green Leaf.

Madeira Butterfly Resting On The Leaf 53

Drew Super Photography
These 3 ducks are Green-Winged Ducks. They are swimming in the wetland. I took the photo at the

The Three Green-winged Ducks Are Swimming Together 64

Drew Super Photography
Butterflies make many stops on many flowers to pick up pollen on their legs, or bodies and transfer

The Butterfly Is getting Some Pollen From This Flower 64

Drew Super Photography
The Double-Cormorant birds live on the wetlands and they eat fish.

Close Up Of The Double-Crested Cormorant 63

Drew Super Photography
On the month of September of the beautiful sunset on the beach in the area of Biddeford, Maine off

The Sunset On The Beach In Maine 54

Drew Super Photography
This spider is building up his web so he can catch some flies as food to eat.

The Spider Is Building The Web 64

Drew Super Photography
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge is one of the longest covered bridges in the United States. It

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge 54

Drew Super Photography
The group of turtles on the log are located at the wetland in Del Ray Beach, Florida.

The Five Turtles Are Resting On The Log

Drew Super Photography

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