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I use to see hibiscuses in my hometown Panama all the time. We call them "Papos", and every time I

My love for hibiscuses

Liliana Quiros
As I strolled along my favorite wetlands I saw this dragonfly standing on a wooden stick. I

A dragon that flies

Liliana Quiros
I saw this beautiful orange flower against the wall of the building as I going for the elevator and

Delicate flower (Limited Edition)

Liliana Quiros
A Great blue heron focused on its prey.

A closer look

Liliana Quiros
To me capturing a good spoonbill image is challenging, but the final result could be a good reward

Balancing act

Liliana Quiros
I have to drive at least for 30 minutes from home in order to enjoy rural areas like Tarpon Springs

Equestrian communion

Liliana Quiros
The male wood duck was just chilling while the female tended to the babies.

Is it really made of wood?

Liliana Quiros
On my way to church I saw this beautiful flowers and have to stop to take photographs because the

African beauty

Liliana Quiros
How good it is to feel loved and taken care of. I know this chick was happy that day.

Feeling loved

Liliana Quiros
I find American white pekins very sweet and gracious. There is a pair that I see when taking a walk

Pure heart

Liliana Quiros
It's very sweet to see duck mamas tending to their chicks. We could learn a thing or two from

Proud mom

Liliana Quiros
I used to think that birds did the preening because they were itchy, but that's not the case. The

Preening time

Liliana Quiros

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