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This is one of the most common hawks in Corona, it breeds in leafy trees. When I took this photo, I

Roadside Hawk

Maria Janeiro
In the Artificial Lake in Corona, when the rains had just begun, I found this beautiful Yellow-

Perfect reflection.

Maria Janeiro
White slate jumping butterfly, very common to find among small wild flowers, the yellow ones being

Burnsius albescens.

Maria Janeiro
The white peacock butterfly is a species of butterfly that is frequently found in the patio in

Anartia jatrophae.

Maria Janeiro
Black spiny-tailed iguana, it is generally found on the shore of the beach between the stones, it

Ctenosaura similis.

Maria Janeiro
This beautiful flower are the favorite of the hummingbirds. This plant reproduces easily and must

Beautiful flowers.

Maria Janeiro
Urbanus esmeraldus butterfly of the family hesperiidae is known as emerald tailed jumping butterfly.

Urbanus esmeraldus.

Maria Janeiro
This hibiscus is full of flowers all year long, they only open during the day. Its leaves are

Red hibiscus.

Maria Janeiro
These are my favorite birds, they are regular residents of Mama's Garden, which allows me to enjoy

Red-legged Honeycreeper. Male

Maria Janeiro
Beautiful couple, enjoying the rays of the sunrise sun. This bird is capable of imitating a large

Tropical Mockingbird, (mimus gilvus).

Maria Janeiro
Beautiful plant that caught my attention on the side of the road, in one of my bird observations.

Lagerstroemia, wild plant.

Maria Janeiro
This reptile loves to bask in the sun, on the trunks of trees.

Beautiful basiliscus.

Maria Janeiro

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