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Standing tall against white light with echoes of the blue beyond, the tree tops offer their cover of

Under gold*

Mary Jane Gomes
Virginia creepers announce the fall, its vibrant colour calling out to all. Delicate leaves make

Red announcement*

Mary Jane Gomes
Colours dance, light pouring in between day-lilies and lilacs. Movement abounds as colour sends its

Colours abound*

Mary Jane Gomes
Reaching across, as if a hand offered, the red maple bridges a pallet of wonderful colour rippling

Red Maple*

Mary Jane Gomes
Leaves flutter in the golden light of spring. Mother nature offers us cover and shade, while our

Emerald flutter*

Mary Jane Gomes
Turbulent movement, red heads rustling in the winds here on the Canadian shield, yet like palm trees

Flagship red*

Mary Jane Gomes
Waves of green undulate, winds playing into and around their shapes, turning them into a sea of

Pine scape*

Mary Jane Gomes
As fall strokes the trees red drawing on the colours that surround it, I let my exposure linger

Painting Red Grace*

Mary Jane Gomes
Fall arrives and its’ colours flow, tumbling down like waterfalls but with light and delight. I

Colours flow*

Mary Jane Gomes
A wave, a sea of colour. Frost bites the foliage turning it gold and red and rust. I move with its

Sea of colour*

Mary Jane Gomes
Red ripples across the floral face, hues of purple astride a long stamen tonguing its way into the

Red Ripples in a Green Sea*

Mary Jane Gomes
Illuminated by daylight, fall grasses curtain off a field before the treeline that will soon be

Fall Grass*

Mary Jane Gomes

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