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Reds of every description fill the forest, turning rust, pierced by light astride brown and black

Crimson fall*

Mary Jane Gomes
Fall arrives and its’ colours flow, tumbling down like waterfalls but with light and delight. I

Colours flow*

Mary Jane Gomes
Red ripples across the floral face, hues of purple astride a long stamen tonguing its way into the

Red Ripples in a Green Sea*

Mary Jane Gomes
Sundown catches my eye in the Winter forest, Smokey as it warms a chilling landscape of winter. I

Winter sundown*

Mary Jane Gomes
Gentle colour move on the breeze, fresh in their new beginnings. Playfulness of summer awakens out

Pastel vision*

Mary Jane Gomes
In summer’s last display, shimmering light travels down, rain-like, washing three trunks, and

Raining green*

Mary Jane Gomes
Swooping close to the magic colours the light dances off, I find a shape that echoes a dragonfly,

Dragonfly play*

Mary Jane Gomes
Celebrating the blues and greens that we see most in our world, I capture an image where the arched

Emerald arch*

Mary Jane Gomes
A tropical refuge, a greenhouse that soon will keep the cold away…light streams along the veins of

Tropical streams*

Mary Jane Gomes
Evening light falls in May, its fire light chasing away the frigid blues of winter. I lift my lens

Spring fire*

Mary Jane Gomes
Pure white light dances on brilliant colours that fall brings astride the last summer greens,

Light dance*

Mary Jane Gomes

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