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A day in the life of Venice. The Grand Canal is the life blood of a working city. Vaporettos are

A day in the life of Venice

Michael OConnor
Portofino is located in the Metropolitan City of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The town is clustered

Portofino coastal

Michael OConnor
Ancient Olive tree and Stone Wall. The trees in this estate have been carbon dated to the Roman

Ancient Olive Tree and Stone Wall

Michael OConnor
This extravagant gothic revival structure houses the National Assembly of Hungary. Lavishly lit at

Hungarian Parliament at Night

Michael OConnor
Gondola emerges from a bridge which frames the picturesque buildings lining the grand canal.

Gondola framed by bridge

Michael OConnor
With a September hurricane off-shore and strong north wind hitting it head-on, this huge wave face

Wind and Water

Michael OConnor
The door guarding an ancient subterranean olive press in the Puglia region of Italy. Daylight

Subterranean Olive Press Door

Michael OConnor
A view of Santa Maria della Salute and the Grand Canal Venice Italy. The dome of the Salute was an

Venice Basilica Santa Maria Grand Canal

Michael OConnor
A skilled gondolier navigates a bridge over a canal in Venice. The profession of gondolier is

Venice Gondolier

Michael OConnor
Close crop of a green turtle swimming in shallow water off of the island of Barbados.

Over a Green Turtle

Michael OConnor
How many faces can you find in the gnarled trunk of this ancient olive tree? The trees in this

Olive Tree Faces

Michael OConnor
Reflection and light falling into a narrow canal in Venice. Note the doorways into the homes at

Venice Canal

Michael OConnor

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