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As you drive on old Montauk highway in Montauk, there is a wonderful lookout overlooking the ocean

A lookout point from old Montauk highway – Montauk Point

Rich DiScalfani
What I liked about this image: originally photographed in color, I converted it to a black & white

Black & White Fishing Net With Orange Buoy – Montauk Point

Rich DiScalfani
Every beach has one where Lifeguards are. These life saving row boats are sprinkled along all the

Lifeguard Rowboat – Hither Hills – Montauk

Rich DiScalfani
Walking through the town of Montauk Point I was drawn to these colorful birdhouses strategically

Bird Houses at Montauk Point

Rich DiScalfani
The End of the Southfork of Long Island, Montauk Lighthouse

Montauk, The End

Sunrise from above at the Montauk Lighthouse

Montauk Morning

Montauk Lighthouse Lantern Room at sunrise with fishing trawler in background

Monatuk Lantern Room Sunrise

Winter dawn paints downtown historic Montauk NY in a warm glow

Downtown Montauk Painted by Dawn

Top down shot of a wave crashing at Flying Point Beach, Water Mill, NY

The Wave

A different take on the iconic Montauk Point Lighthouse

Beacon of Hope

Anthony Graziano