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This man was older than the other surfers, but knowledgeable and seasoned, with a good eye for forming waves, developed through many years of experience and practice, learning to read/sense the rhythms of the ocean.

During the time I observed him from my elevated perch on the Pismo Beach Pier, he had fewer failed surfing attempts than the younger surfers, who were disappointed as what appeared to be a promising breaker, more frequently fizzled out into a deflated ripple. 

This man was connected. He was connected to his surfboard, connected to the elements, connected to his heart and soul, and connected to the other surfers based on sharing in a jointly loved activity.  While doing what he deeply loves, he couldn’t help but smile – probably not even aware that he is doing so – just a natural, spontaneous response of joy! 

As I mused over this photo, I was at first surprised to see that he was, of all things, smiling in the midst of the enveloping breaker, a scene that outwardly presented as chaos, or even danger, with the risk of being overcome by the rush of water!

How could he be smiling in the midst of potentially life-threatening danger? For one thing, no doubt he has been in this situation countless times before, feeling a surge of exhilaration as the same wave that could crush him with its power, could also lift him up and carry him forward! 

This image and its story reminds me that Life is full of risks, like this crashing wave.  This surfer and his beaming smile remind me that the only way I can experience joy, even in the midst of enveloping and threatening wave-like life events is to first remember that I have survived previous waves.  Secondly, Life’s Breakers can lift our perspective and carry us forward into a deeper understanding of the value and purpose of Living itself!

I too have felt this kind of joy when I am out making photographs and am enveloped in the pursuit of beholding Beauty and composing it in my digital memory! Sometimes I have put myself in potentially risky situations (ie, being out in the dark in the wilderness for astrophotography opportunities or running through a cactus-interlaced meadow in order to capture an alpenglow mountain range before the twilight passed) in order to photograph beautiful scenes! 

When I am “in the zone,” while out and about with camera in hand, I can’t help myself and, sometimes, I am aware of the big grin on my face and sometimes I am blissfully unaware, but never-the-less, I am enveloped by two things, my immediate surrounding and its photographic potential and my love and passion for photography!

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