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Alyson Betz

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Alyson Betz is an accomplished nature photographer residing in Savannah, Georgia. Her love for discovering remote locations on the Atlantic Seaboard and East Africa, coupled with her knowledge photography and the natural world, enables her to create captivating images that bring out the distinct personalities of her subjects and their surroundings.

” I seek to convey a thoughtfully harmonious, visually intelligent and inspiring world for those who admire and seek a deep connection with what is organic, alive and untamed.”

Alyson has received many awards for her exception work with photographs being part of many juried exhibits in many venues and published in various media. Her photography is also part of numerous private collections.


Animals and Wildlife

Zebras are prey so they have an instinct to flee from something or towards something. This photo

Zebras In Flight

Alyson Betz
The simplest description : A horse, after morning exercise, takes a walk in the barn. The light

Towards the Light

Alyson Betz
In the wilds of Kenya, a baboon breaks away from the chaos on the ground. In portrait, a direct

Tree Dweller in Portrait

Alyson Betz
A female lioness makes her feelings known to her mate. A few moment slater, after he backed down,

Power Balance

Alyson Betz
A show horse with a braided mane and a jockey pauses to mentally prepare in the moments before

Braided & Ready

Alyson Betz
Cheetah moms protect their cubs in the wild for years, until they are old enough to take care of

Mother’s Day

Alyson Betz
Two horses find solace in winter.

Winter Harvest

Alyson Betz
A sole elephant in the wild proceeds slowly, silhouetted by the morning sun.

A Solitary Morning

Alyson Betz
The "red elephants" of Kenya get their color from a 'dirt bath' of red soil.

Portrait in Red and Gray

Alyson Betz
Portrait or a cub, whose siblings remained close by and his mom hunted for food.

All Grown Up

Alyson Betz
This visual emphasized the harmony of nature and wildlife, noting the repetitive pattern of the

Leopard & Tree in Harmony

Alyson Betz
How wonderful to see a lioness and her cub, this portrait capturing their unique bond.

The Predators

Alyson Betz
The male lion is the head of the pride, and truly the king of the jungle

Lion Brothers in Portrait II

Alyson Betz
In the wild, a Zebra pauses and looks at us curiously.

Wild Zebra

Alyson Betz
Zephyr is male wolf who was born in 2011 and raised at the Wolf Conservation Center as an Ambassador


Alyson Betz
He is angling for attention in a play to get back into the barn, where the food is.

White Reflections

Alyson Betz
Portrait a white horse pauses against the blue sky, ears up.


Alyson Betz
Emerging from the darkness of her stall, a beautiful and gentle horse.

An Impromptu Appearance

Alyson Betz
A rare reticulted giraffe from northern Kenya, living in the wild.  Only one of 8500.

Rhapsody in Giraffe

Alyson Betz
A lioness in the wild seeks a rare repose from the heat in a tree- but maintains vigilance.


Alyson Betz

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