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Barbara Lobosco

NY|Displaying Since 2020

Barbara is a Long Island Photographer specializing in landscapes, portraits and architecture.  Her work has been recognized in several printed publications including the Oceanside Herald and the Town of Hempstead yearly calendar.  She has worked for Elite Pro Fitness creating personal trainer portraits and for Certified Interiors Inc. providing indoor/outdoor commercial property photos for their website. 

Barbara’s exhibitions include:

Long Island Photo Gallery Virtual Exhibitions

Oceanside Library

The SASS Foundation for Medical Research Breast Cancer / Awareness Day

Firefighters Charitable Foundation

The Bridgeworks Island Harvest Gallery

*** Barbara is also a breast cancer survivor raising money for the SASS Foundation in gratitude for their help and dedication in her recovery.  15% of every sale will always go to this special charity.***

Sometimes there’s a need to change a viewpoint to appreciate nature’s beauty.. Look to the sky

Look to the Sky

Barbara Lobosco
The New York Waterway offers ferry rides for visitors looking to tour New York City and New Jersey.

Scenic Tour

Barbara Lobosco
Autumn has arrived and it is the season of change. The crimson, red and orange colors slowly begin

Season of Change

Barbara Lobosco
A unique perspective of an empty illuminated entrance to the vessel

Inner Vessel

Barbara Lobosco
A single white rose rests in memory of a family member lost on 911.

A Symbol of Love

Barbara Lobosco
Colorful capture of the sun setting over the ocean using intentional camera movement

In Moving Color

Barbara Lobosco
Nature showing off her colors with a pink sky over Reynolds Channel.

Nature’s Beauty

Barbara Lobosco
One single leaf sits stranded on a rock

Stranded in Time

Barbara Lobosco
A black and white intentional camera movement capture of a trail in Massapequa Preserve


Barbara Lobosco
The vessel after hours void of visitors and tourists

Illuminated Vessel

Barbara Lobosco
An abstract tribute of the memorial lights

Outlines of Memories

Barbara Lobosco
Long exposure of New York City skyline from Brooklyn


Barbara Lobosco
The beaches and lifeguard chairs are empty. Soon they will be visited again, but for now people are

Keep the Distance

Barbara Lobosco
Tonight I am alone, looking to nature for comfort and peace as the sun sets over Reynolds Channel.

All Alone

Barbara Lobosco
It is a warm autumn morning as the sun begins to peak over the mountains on majestic Lake George.


Barbara Lobosco
The walking paths in Massapequa Preserve offer a breath taking view of autumn foliage reflecting

Autumn Painting

Barbara Lobosco
Exiting storm clouds journey into the unknown as the ocean waves crash upon the shore. If you look

Into the Unknown

Barbara Lobosco
The winds off the Atlantic Ocean help to create the feel of water rushing up onto the shoreline.

The Rush of the Wind

Barbara Lobosco
First in a series of three, Ocean Motion was created using intentional camera movement and layering

Ocean Motion

Barbara Lobosco
An incredible autumn sunset takes place over the lake on a warm October evening. The mountains move

Sunset Over Lake George

Barbara Lobosco
The sun fades in the background, with an orange reflection off the water creating a silhouette of

Tranquil Reflection

Barbara Lobosco