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Brian Gorin

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Brian Gorin

Brian Gorin ( & CEO of “Lite”

Brief Biography: Brian Gorin has over 45 years’ experience in the study of light, both the science and art of light generation and capture with imaging methods. He has contributed to the development of the first digital cameras since 1980, and designed and fielded several unique light sensing systems for holographic, infrared, and spectral imaging applications. He has been awarded 8 U.S. Patents and published over 40 technical papers for Electro Optic Journals and Conferences. Recently, he has returned to his early artistic passions to create “Lite Impressions.” During his college years in Rochester, N.Y., he studied under William Giles, attended classes of Minor White and studied the works of Edward Weston, Paul Caponigro, Aaron Siskind, and Paul Strand. Several exhibitions of his early works with sepia toning of images utilized the well known Zone System used by Ansel Adams and others. His color works of nature have been inspired by Elliot Porter

Recently, he has returned to his early artistic passions to create “Lite Impressions.” He has now published 12 books (and counting) of his photographs.

Book Titles (12)

1.   “In the Beginning”

2.   “Break Down These Walls”

3.   “Cape Cod Sculptures of Sea and Sand”

4.   “Grand Canyon Splendor”

5.   “Setauket Harbor to Pirates Cove”

6.   “Fill the World with Light”

7.   “Reflections of the Vasquez Hidden Formations”

8.   “Arizona Sculptures of Radiance”

9.   “La Jolla Tide Pool Impressions”

10.   “The Eitz Chayim of Jacksonville”

11.   “Testimonies from Tomaka Trails and Treaty Oak Park”

12.   “The Hidden Treasures of Talbot Island”

Notes on the Process: 

The artist focuses on images of nature found in our daily lives. Yet, when taken out of context and composed within new “frame works”, the same natural phenomena can be elevated to reveal unique combinations of light, texture, shapes, and color.

What other artists say about B. Gorin’s work: R. Tzvi Freeman, writes of Gorin’s work: “Beauty is captured here on the page, yet retains its freedom. The borders of the page’s frame, rather than restricting our view, draw us inward to reveal boundless wonder. Somehow, in the focus of B. Gorin’s camera, we discover that infinity was hiding all along in plain sight”.

Michoel Muchnik, an esteemed artist, writes of his work: “B. Gorin’s photographs and their accompanying meditative style insights help us develop a more intimate look at our Creator’s handiwork, as it were. The best part about it is the inspiration we gain to look around us on our own, to become ever more aware of the lessons we can learn from even the minutest details.”

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