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Jack Calandra

NY|Displaying Since 2020

I am a self-taught photographer currently residing on Long Island NY. I would describe my photographic vision as open-minded and is mostly made up of landscape photography, abstract, still life, and basically anything that catches my eye. I like to look closely at objects and examine them from a perspective that most people would generally ignore. This brings macro photography to mind.

I have been inspired over the years by the works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Paul Caponigro to name a few.

My Passion for photography began when I was 12 years old and my father bought me a rather simple box camera which used Kodak 620 film. I was always intrigued by the way that the pictures would come back from the local drug store after sending my film to be developed. This would sometimes take as long as a week and I wondered just how this magic happened. It was not long after that that my curiosity led me to read up on the subject of photography in the high school library. I was able to procure the chemicals and equipment necessary to develop my first roll of film. From then on, I was hooked. I learned about enlarging and printing black and white images. By the time I was in my early twenty’s, I built my own darkroom complete with a homemade sink. I learned to mix developers, stop baths, and toners that I used to print traditional silver-based papers. I enrolled in several darkroom courses at the International Center of Photography in New York City, and at Nassau Community College. Of course, this was many years before digital photography was the trend. 

Then life happened. Photography took a back seat as my family, children, and jobs in the information technology field kept me busy. However, my passion for photography was always with me. I managed to shoot a few weddings to make some money on the side, and this helped me improve my skills. Over the years, photography has evolved into what it is today. Digital photography has become the norm. Computer programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop have replaced the traditional darkroom processing with a digital darkroom process. This post process is an important part of creating the final image. Just as a photographer with skills in the darkroom creates a print using traditional techniques of dodging, burning, developing and printing, the digital photographer uses computer software to manipulate the digital image much like the traditional darkroom technician.

As Ansel Adams famously said, “The negative is the equivalent of the composers score, and the print the performance” So it is true that in this new age of digital photography, the digital image has become the equivalent of the composers score and the post process has become a symphony of complex refinements leading to a harmonious image that depicts the performance.

Now that I am retired from a successful IT career, I have been spending time honing my skills. I have managed to combine my talents as a photographer with many years of experience in the information technology field to be able to create images that are presented here. I love sharing my work, so please take some time to browse through my images and my hope is that you will be delighted and inspired by my passion for the medium. 


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Jack Calandra