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Joanne Henig



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BIO: I’m Joanne Henig, an art photographer from New York.  I’m best known for my nature landscape and waterscape images. I have traveled the world as a professional photographer for more than 30 years. My artistry has been recognized in numerous gallery exhibits, in print publications, and is on permanent display throughout the United States. Finished art pieces of my work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

I enjoy sharing my artistic vision and knowledge with other photographers while assisting them in building a salable art portfolio. I lead photography tours and workshops; am a curator of photography exhibitions; and I teach photography skills workshops and educational seminars for all levels of photography experience.


> The Brio Yaphank, New York (Permanent display)

> Stonybrook University Hospital, Stonybrook, New York (Permanent display)

> Francis S. Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach, New York  (Permanent display)

> Viana Hotel & Spa, Westbury, New York (Permanent display)


> ‘Unveiling Abstractions’ – Photo Art Pavilion

> ‘Be Bold’ – (Juror) CFA Gallery

> ‘Happy Little Trees’ – Islip Arts Council Gallery

> ‘Art Of The City’ – Southhampton Cultural Center

> ‘Portals’ – Huntington Arts Center

> ‘Water Falls and Water Flows’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘Among The Trees’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘In Vivid Color’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘Elements’ – Long Island Photo Gallery


Aspens take their cue to change as the days get shorter in the fall.

Aspen Glow

Joanne Henig
As you travel through the different thermal areas within Yellowstone National Park you will notice

The Bobby Socks Trees

Joanne Henig
Aspens burst with color throughout Yellowstone National Park in autumn. The landscape in the park

Aspen Delight

Joanne Henig
This art piece was created using a double exposure technique in camera and fine-tuned with today's

Through The Looking Glass

Joanne Henig
The beautiful, vibrant colors of autumn are on full display in northern New York State's Letchworth

Autumn’s Color Pallet

Joanne Henig
Digital post-processing provides a soft feel to this scene from a recent hike through Letchworth

Softly Falling

Joanne Henig
The lighting was all too perfect accenting the base of a very tall tree within the manicured

Above All Else (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Late spring offers the new growth within Acadia National Park the opportunity to showoff its amazing

Colors Popping (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
Birch trees stand in stark contrast against the rest of the forrest in a remote area of Acadia

Birch Trees B & W (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
This fine art piece is composed of four images layered together to create a dreamlike feel of the

Dreaming Of Spring (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
The river and land's life cycle enters a period of dormancy when growth, activity, and life along

Dormancy (New York)

Joanne Henig
Glorious fall colors fade as winter approaches on Shelter Island.

© Joanne Henig Photography

Faded Glory (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Walk along a wooded path on a bright autumn day. Feel the peace that the natural surroundings give.

Give Me Shelter (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Lush, green foliage in early Spring in Ithaca, New York. After heavy rains, the contrast between

Tall And Green (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
The artistic interpretation of what a forest may feel like by making use of digital filters to bring

Feel Of The Forest (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
Morning dew helps form delicate droplets sparkling like diamonds on an early spring sapling. ©

Morning Dew (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
A simple image of birch tree trunks is transformed artistically using digital layers and styling.

Birch Trunks (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
The bright sun peeks out behind the trees.

Sunshine Through The Trees (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Golden hues set the tone for this landscape.

Woodland In Autumn (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Perfect weather and lighting offered up this scene while hiking into the woods.

Into The Woods (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
The lush green forest along a beautiful alpine lake was cool and its path into the woods is very

Woodland Cathedral (Salzburg, Austria)

Joanne Henig
The tree tops of the pine trees in Long Island's Prosser Pines Nature Preserve are more interesting

Tree Tops Abstract

Joanne Henig
A coconut tree sways in the tropical breeze on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. This

Under The Coconut Tree

Joanne Henig
The Lone Cypress is a Monterey cypress tree in Pebble Beach, California. Standing on a granite

The Lone Cypress (California, USA)

Joanne Henig
In a world filled with copycats and the desire to fit in, Be the one to stand out in the crowd!

Stand Out

Joanne Henig
A beautiful view from one of the many overlooks along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

The Valley Below

Joanne Henig
A single tree stands out along the backroads in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

This Tree Stands Tall

Joanne Henig
A foggy morning along a Shenandoah River tributary in Virginia. I titled this image 'Where Eagles

Where Eagles Fly

Joanne Henig
The view from one of the many overlooks in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

One Tree Hill

Joanne Henig
The layers of treetops in autumn cascade down to the Shenandoah Valley.

Layers Of Autumn

Joanne Henig
The starkness of the white, birch trunks against the golden grass rods caught my eye, as well as the

Autumn Crisp

Joanne Henig
Picture perfect! That's what I saw while driving east from Big Sur, California towards Parkfield.

On A Hilltop

Joanne Henig
I love of winding roads and paths that lead to new places in my travels. This is Route 41 in

Heading East / Rt. 41 (California, USA)

Joanne Henig
The third in a series of 4 Nor'easters to hit Long Island in March of 2018. In all it's fury,

In The Thick Of It

Joanne Henig
A digital charcoal drawing of a lone tree that has anchored itself to the side of one of the many

Bonding With Bryce (Utah, USA)

Joanne Henig
This giant evergreen consumes the landscape. Its mighty trunk grabs the earth with authority,

Evergreeen (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig

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