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Joanne Henig

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BIO: Joanne Henig is a photographer from New York, best known for her nature landscape and waterscape images. She has traveled the world as a professional photographer for more than 20 years. Her artistry has been recognized in numerous gallery exhibits, in print publications, and is on permanent display throughout the United States. Finished art pieces of Henig’s work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

Joanne shares her artistic vision and knowledge with other photographers while assisting them in building a saleable art portfolio. Henig leads photography tours and workshops, is a curator of photography exhibitions, and teaches photography skills workshops and educational seminars for all levels of photography experience.


> The Brio Yaphank, New York (Permanent display)

> Stonybrook University Hospital, Stonybrook, New York (Permanent display)

> Francis S. Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach, New York  (Permanent display)

> Viana Hotel & Spa, Westbury, New York (Permanent display)


> ‘Be Bold’ – (Juror) CFA Gallery

> ‘Happy Little Trees’ – Islip Arts Council Gallery

> ‘Art Of The City’ – Southhampton Cultural Center

> ‘Portals’ – Huntington Arts Center

> ‘Waterfalls and Waterflows’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘Among The Trees’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘In Vivid Color’ – Long Island Photo Gallery

> ‘Elements’ – Long Island Photo Gallery


One of three major waterfalls within Letchworth State Park, New York, is the Lower Falls.

Lower Falls (Letchworth, NY)

Joanne Henig
Jordan Pond is in Acadia National Park near the town of Bar Harbor, Maine. The pond covers 187 acres

Jordan Pond Calm (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
Otter Cliff, in Acadia National Park, Maine, is one of the most spectacular sights along the North

Otter Cliffs Sunrise (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
Otter cliff is the end of the ocean trail in Acadia and offers some beautiful views of the ocean.

Otter Cliffs Sunrise II (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
The river and land's life cycle enters a period of dormancy when growth, activity, and life along

Dormancy (New York)

Joanne Henig
The marshlands located with Mashomack's Nature Conservancy on Shelter Island display a balance

Nature’s Balance (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Neverending yet beautiful waves crash into the rocky coast in Glouchester Massachusetts. © Joanne

New England Coastline (Glouchester, MA)

Joanne Henig
Sailboats lay relatively still in the harbor in Rockport Massachusetts. The maker's post-processing

Harbor Glass (Glouchester, MA)

Joanne Henig
McWay Falls in Big Sur is an 80-foot cascade that makes the perfect picture postcard. In a state

McWay Falls (California, USA)

Joanne Henig
There is no stopping the surge of water after heavy rains in Ithaca, New York. © Joanne Henig

Reckless Abandon (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
Taughannock Falls has a drop of over 215 feet, making it the tallest single-drop waterfall east of

Taughannock Falls (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
After heavy rains, the tallest waterfall in New York State flows fast and furious. © Joanne Henig

Taughannock Falls (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
A stone footbridge accents the hiking path that crosses a fast-moving stream at the base of the

Stone Footbridge (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
Water was flowing fast after a recent rainfall in Treman State Park. This area of the park is known

Let It Flow (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
After a full day of rain, storm clouds begin to exit and give way to bluer skies. This is one of

After The Rains (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
Wading carefully down 'The Narrows' within Zion National Park is amazing. The water is fast and

Gold Rush (Utah, USA)

Joanne Henig
Our happiness is certainly mixed in with the tragedies of life. You have to find the lemonade. You

Silver Lining (New York, USA)

Joanne Henig
Block Island North Light (Lighthouse), built in 1867, is a historic lighthouse on Block Island,

Block Island North Light (Rhode Island, USA)

Joanne Henig
Carefully begin your journey to the other side of the marsh here.

Begin Here (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
After a spectacular sunset, the sky and the clouds deliver beautiful ribbons of color.

Ribbons In The Sky (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Sky. Trees. Marsh. Sand. Water.  The elements of nature captured in layered beauty.

Layers Of Nature (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
A rather rickety footbridge spans the marshland in the Mashamock Preserve.

The Other Side (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
The stillness of the pond offers a perfect setting for a beautiful, tall, golden tree to inspect its

On Golden Pond (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Vibrant autumn colors pop through a foggy morning on a tranquil pond.

Tranquil Pop Of Color (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
The sun tries to peek through a cloud covered morning on Fire Island.

Blue Morning (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Tiny houses dot the fragile coastline at the eastern head of the state channel on Long Island's

Tiny Houses (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Walking the Captree Boat Basin docks in the early morning before Tropical Storm Isaias made its

Robert Moses Causeway In The Distance (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
HENIG 216 scaled

Pelicans Fly II

Joanne Henig
HENIG 210 scaled

Lazy Monday Morning

Joanne Henig
Long exposure of Dark Hollow Falls. Captured from at the base of the falls.

Dark Hollow Falls

Joanne Henig
A view out to see from the cliffs of Lagos, Portugal.

Lagos Overlook (Lagos, Portugal)

Joanne Henig
HENIG 151 scaled

Land Against The Sea

Joanne Henig
HENIG 143 scaled

Smoke On The Water

Joanne Henig
HENIG 140 scaled

Exposed I

Joanne Henig
HENIG 141 scaled

Exposed II

Joanne Henig
HENIG 142 scaled

Exposed III

Joanne Henig
HENIG 138 scaled

Pelicans Fly

Joanne Henig
Annisquam Harbor Light Station is a historic lighthouse on Wigwam Point in the Annisquam

Annisquam Lighthouse (Massachusetts, USA)

Joanne Henig
HENIG 131 scaled

Out Of The Mist

Joanne Henig
HENIG 126 scaled

Peaceful Existence

Joanne Henig
HENIG 127 scaled

Above Water I

Joanne Henig
HENIG 128 scaled

Above Water II

Joanne Henig
The beautiful Rainbow Falls in the middle of a volcanic rain forrest. That is the Big Island -

Rainbow Falls (Hawaii, USA)

Joanne Henig
HENIG 119 scaled scaled

Smooth Surf

Joanne Henig
HENIG 120 scaled

Super Blood Moon

Joanne Henig
The town of Reykjavík means 'smokey bay' in Icelandic.

Smokey Bay (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Joanne Henig
A lone boat waits along an island shoreline of a tranquil lake near the Ross Castle in Killarney,

Shoreline Skiff (Killarney, Ireland)

Joanne Henig
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: Oct, 2014 Location: Watch Hill, Fire Island, New York

Catch The Wave (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: June, 2016 Location: Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National

Good Morning America (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: June, 2016 Location: Fire Island Lighthouse, Long

Great South Bay Sunset (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Windswept waves fight to reach the shoreline where a small flock of seagulls gather.

Beach Scene (Florida, USA)

Joanne Henig
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: January, 2013 Location: Florida Keys Description:Low

Tranquil Cloud Reflection (Florida, USA)

Joanne Henig
As the sun was setting the clouds rolled in and cast a gorgeous hue on the entire North Shore, Long

Sunset at Sunken Meadow (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig

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