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Lon Lauber

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Lon E. Lauber, a Spokane, Washington native, is an outdoor photographer and writer. He studied photojournalism at Syracuse University through a special program as a U.S. Navy photographer. For the past 37 years Lon has been a full-time freelancer. One of Lon’s photos is a 6′ x 9′ enlargement displayed in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. He is the winner of many national and Alaska state photo awards including First Place in the Roger Tory Peterson Institute Nature Photography Contest. He has won Grand Prize in the Alaska State Photo Contest three out of five years he entered this contest. Lon is co-photographer of the acclaimed eagle book, “Sovereign Wings.” His work has been illustrated in National Geographic and Sierra Club books; Audubon, Impact, Kodak, and Tide-Mark, Willow Creek Press and Silver Creek Press calendars, many advertisements and countless magazines including: Alaska, Audubon, BBC Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Field and Stream, National Geographic, Outdoor Life, Ranger Rick, Sports Afield, American Hunter, Bowhunter, Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever and many, many other publications. Along with his photography, Lon writes for many outdoor magazines.

In addition to free-lancing, Lon taught photography for the Adak rural extension of the University of Alaska for six years. After living on Adak for seven years and in Wasilla for 10 years, Lon now resides in Spokane, Washington

Lon says he’s at his best in nature.

“It’s not like a light switch, but when I slip on my outdoor gear and head into the wilderness, I become a different being. I sort of melt into nature, physically and emotionally.”

“I’ve enjoyed the outdoors as long as I can remember. I guess that’s why I ended up in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The inclement weather makes my work difficult at times, especially the lighting. But, on those days when it is nice, I really kick into a photographic high. And, that’s when I make my strongest images.”

“My goal is to communicate with every photo I make. Whether it’s conveying closeness with a sea otter and pup, the majesty of an eagle, or people enjoying the outdoors, I hope to evoke emotion or inform. If you smile or gain insight into the wonders of nature from my images, then I have succeeded.

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