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Nicole Esposito

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Nicole Esposito

I am a self-taught photographer who officially hopped into the professional photography business in 2015. Ever since I was a child, I had an interest in photography. I often wonder what trajectory my life would have taken had I come up with the $1,000 for development chemicals needed to take a photography course in college. Instead, my early career was in editing fancy art and architecture books and then web design before focusing on raising my two children. 

The kids quickly became my tortured subjects and my love for photography resurfaced with a vengeance. I did a few “jobs” for friends and family who recognized that I had patience and an eye for casual, candid child photography. It took some years, countless Youtube video tutorials on lighting, some local workshops and classes and the support of those around me to give me the confidence I needed to begin doing this for real and as a career.

For a number of years, I stayed in my comfort zone — child and family portraits and family parties. I still do these from time to time, although I’ve backed off the portraits considerably since COVID so kindly brought the world to a screeching halt. As awful and scary as those years were, the pause in life, as well as the desire to get out of the house and into nature, led me to a new found passion—landscape photography. I still have my loyal customers who return to me year after year for portraits of their growing families and children and I am grateful for their trust in me to capture their milestones.

I spent the next 2 or 3 years working feverishly to capture whatever I could, whenever we could find time to get outside and explore. I’ve lived on Long Island nearly my whole life and we explored brand new places each week, hiking and getting lost and forgetting the craziness of the world around us. And I photographed. A lot. It became my sanity. It became therapy of sorts. It let me know that everything was indeed going to be ok and real life would eventually return. I was at sunrise and sunset almost daily despite the season, building a portfolio that I never really imagined I would love creating so much. I owe so much to photography during those years as odd as that might sound.

As the world began coming out of its cocoon, so too did my family, catching up on travels that we were forced to put on the back burner. More travel meant tons of travel photos. And more travel photos and experiences ignited a need to travel and explore more of the world, just like I’d done with Long Island. 

It’s very clear from my portfolio that I’m slightly obsessed with water, the beach, and anything having to do with coastal life. I love that every single sunrise and sunset is its own work of art, never the same and for me evokes a sense of renewal and sometimes, finality. I love sunlight and reflections of light on water. I love finding my own view of the world through my work and as I watch my own kids taking their own photos, I find it amazing how many people can look at the same exact scene yet see it so differently.

Travel photography is also a large part of my portfolio and I’ve definitely got the travel bug. Not only is it fun to roam a city or a beach town scoping out my favorite shots, but back at home editing is like an exercise in time travel and often brings me back to the exact place...the feeling of an Italian square or the smells and feel of sea spray on my skin while photographing a Hawaiian sunset. 

I’m rarely without my camera in hand and I’m constantly adding to my portfolio. And I’m learning. Learning new techniques, lighting, indoor lighting which is my nemesis, nighttime photography and so much more. I was very lucky to discover photography as a true passion and then as a career a bit later in life than most. With no formal training I used to think I was much less prepared for this life than many others. But what is so amazing about grabbing my camera and heading out to yet another sunset is not only that I know the experience will be therapeutic and beautiful but I will also learn something. Every single time I pick up that camera I uncover something new —a new angle, a new method of catching a beautiful reflection, or a new coveted sunset location. Or even a new little suggestion from a fellow photographer I meet and chat with down on the sand. 

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