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Paul Grayson

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Paul Grayson

Paul Grayson

My inspiration is eclectic, grounded in Scottish, French and Jewish roots and a passion for the Dutch masters, French Impressionists and traditional Japanese painters. I am deeply influenced by the places I have lived. Raised in Edinburgh, I have travelled widely and enjoyed living in Cork, London, Paris, Geneva, New York and Las Vegas, before settling back in Paris. I have always pursued my artistic expression via photography and my work has developed into a passion to express spiritual delight in the innate beauty of both natural and human creation. 

Consequently, I love photographing the built environment, particularly cities; architectural detail; landscapes; the night; water; abstracts and people in silhouette, which are featured on these themed galleries. My aesthetic is based on a love of light, composition, patterns and the interplay of contrasting visual elements, as exemplified by my favourite photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson. Living in Paris, I am challenged, night and day, to capture the incredible, fleeting beauty of “La Ville Lumiere”, which unites many of my preferred visual themes. I never tire of it. I created my brand “Photeinos” on the theme of light. It is Greek for “full of light, well lighted”, as quoted in Luke 11:34.

I fell in love with digital photography in the early 2000’s, while living in New York, where the combination of new technology, the community of fellow photographers, training and inspiration from living in the Big Apple, generated a leap in creativity that drives me today. I experienced an inspirational explosion of aesthetic and technical growth, enjoyment and artistic production. I try to give back a little to those who are curious about my artistic and technical choices by regularly exploring my art and technique in a weekly blog. 

I have exhibited in Paris and the USA and won Fine Art recognition in prestigious competitions. I hope that you will find peace and joy in browsing my online work.

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