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Reynaldo Williams

MD|Displaying Since 2021

Cuban American who started a career in the “Arts” in early childhood.  Now, as a retired Navy Veteran after 20 years of military service, with education and experience, I am now able to pursue and dedicate unbounded time to my love and passion of Acting and Photography.  Owner of D. Artist, LLC, located in Baltimore, MD, where my primary focuses are the sale of “Fine Art prints and the Design of Movie Posters."

Acting and Photography are my calling, my passion, my professions. 

My vast experiences in life have allowed me to see both the darkness and the light in mankind, thus the forefront and experience I call upon when acting and photographing.   

As an Actor, I live my roles through my experiences and act my life as I live! I engineer my image(s) to represent a perception of realism and surrealism that Nature so often will present to us in such a delightful and breath-taking way, thereby allowing us to formulate an interpretation of what we think it should be and marble in her magnificence.

While I employ a variety of experiences when acting, in merges into photography as I employ an assortment of software and processes to produce my images, my methods and composition are consistent, and style can vary depending on my feelings at the time of creation, while I listening to worldly inspirational music.  As a lover of the “Liberal Arts and Sciences”, Golden Era Dutch Masters – Rembrandt, Baroque and Vermeer; Surrealist – Salvador Dali and Modern-day Photographer - Joel Grimes and Tony Sweet. My life-long experiences, they are but a compilation of the driving force behind my Art.

The subject matter of my roles and each piece of Art will determine my action, response, software-medium and technique I employ.  As such, it’s a bit of a strange concept, but is an honest – and it’s the best way to describe my approach to my craft, As, I am an Artist at heart, who strives to achieve perfection if it’s at all possible.

My satisfaction is that audience/person who views my work obtains something a little different – a means of self-identification and comfort. 

Eclectic by nature, if that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say, “You know me quite well.”

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