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Steve Scribner

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Steve Scribner

Steve Scribner - Photographer

The adventure of traveling to locations around the world is my passion. I love the experience of seeing wonderful landscapes and the juxtaposition of location with nature and wildlife.

I founded my photography company many years back. I call it my Wanderer’s Passion and my website is My website is my way to share with my friends, family, and fans. I post new images from my travels and offer to signup to receive a Newsletter covering my plans. Perhaps my images will help you remember somewhere you have enjoyed or might like to go. The website links to my photo gallery, which is hosted on Photo Art Pavilion. PAP takes care of the commercial aspects of my business. I offer large-scale prints to decorate the walls of your homes and businesses. You may come and browse, and any orders will be printed onto your choice of materials, mounted, and shipped free to anywhere in the USA.

I started in 1971 when my mother passed along my father’s SLR camera upon his death. It was always dad who shot the pictures – and then it became me who needed to learn how to see and capture my own experiences. I had a young family at the time, and they were a natural bunch of subjects, but I was also intrigued by what I was seeing when and where I traveled as part of my work.

I won my first major photo contest with the Porsche company in Germany in 1984 with a shot that I captured at Laguna Seca Raceway in California. It was published worldwide on the cover of Porsche’s calendar and was awarded a trip to Germany at Porsche's expense.

Boats and Boating

Lake Minnewanka is near Banff and hosts water sports and impressive scenery. The mountains in the

Lake Minnewanka

Steve Scribner
Sailing across the Atlantic can cause scary images of rough seas and dangerous conditions. This

Calm Cruising Across the Atlantic

Steve Scribner
The riggings are used to hoist and control the sails on a sailing ship. On this ship, they are many

Ship\’s Rigging

Steve Scribner
Dockside in Bergen, Norway with a large hauler and a sloop. Shops have been restored along the old

Dockside in Old Town Bergen

Steve Scribner
The USS Constellation (sloop of war) was built in 1854 as a replacement for the original frigate of

Ships Cannons

Steve Scribner
Symbols of the primary profession of fishing and dependence on the ocean are seen across town in

A Sailors Heritage

Steve Scribner
The chain links lead to both the dock and the boat that is anchored at the pier. It functions to

Anchor Chain

Steve Scribner
Sailing in the Caribbean can be quiet, peaceful, and calming. The warm waters of the islands attract

Island Sail

Steve Scribner
Cavtat is a small island retreat south of Dubrovnik in Croatia. It was a fishing village but is

Cavtat Harbor

Steve Scribner
Fishing boats lined along the stone pier following a morning of fishing, their catches already

Fishing Boats in the Harbor of Amalfi

Steve Scribner

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