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Artists FAQs

Artists FAQs

Did you know Photo Art Pavilion is committed to representing established and emerging photographic artists nationwide? 

That’s right; we’re thrilled to keep expanding our community of photographers. We give YOU the ability to have a team supporting your photography business from website management, marketing, production, sales, credit card processing, and much more. Your monthly fees cover all of these business services while keeping you in a creative flow. 

How can I get my artwork in the Photo Art Pavilion catalog?

It’s easy! You can click here and JOIN PHOTO ART PAVILION today, or jump into the waiting list. From there, you can create your Photo Art Pavilion storefront. Upload your photographic artwork for review. You’ll gain access to having your art available for sale to residential and commercial buyers via our online catalog – PHOTOARTPAVILION.COM

When do I have access to my Photo Art Pavilion storefront?

Your storefront starts on the day that you JOIN PHOTO ART PAVILION. A common Artists FAQs.

Do I retain the copyrights to my art?

Yes! YOU, the artist, will retain all copyrights for your images per the Copyright Act which protects photographers by giving the creator of the photograph the exclusive rights to copy, edit, and distribute the image by sale or transfer.

These exclusive rights make it illegal to copy, scan, edit, or share photographic prints and digital media without the photographer’s permission. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.

Why are images captured from my cell phone able not allowed?

Cell phones today are amazing! However, in most cases, the image quality isn’t high enough when printing a 16×24 or larger. 

A common Artists FAQs: can I sell my art elsewhere?

Yes, of course! You retain all rights to your art. Feel free to gain Exposure where you see fit. However, be careful not to split your audience. 

Do you sell art other than photography?

No. Here at Photo Art Pavilion, we are all about photography! Our goal is to provide a pure photographic environment for both artists and buyers. Here photographers don’t have to compete with paintings, drawings, and other mixed forms of art. 

What kind of files do I need to upload into my Photo Art Pavilion Storefront?

High-quality image files are essential. The image you upload is what will be produced for the buyer. So, we ask for your files to be high resolution; 300 DPI.

All images uploaded should be free of watermarks. But don’t worry, Photo Art Pavilion will protect your artwork on the website with a watermark. 

Before uploading, view your images at 100%. Check to make sure that the file isn’t blurry or pixelated. Watch for hot-spots, check to make sure your horizon is level. Imagine if the image were to be printed as 40″ x 60″ what elements within the frame will be an eyesore.

You must be the copyright owner of all the art you upload to Photo Art Pavilion. Photo Art Pavilion is not responsible for any falsely represented artists. If there are any questions about the ownership of the art within your account, then the account will be suspended. The questionable account owner will endure all fines and legal fees that have transpired due to their actions. 

Why is the artwork curated on the Photo Art Pavilion website?

The Photo Art Pavilion Team works with artists of ALL levels. Curating art helps to ensure that we provide quality art for the buyers. Plus, we want our artists to know they have a team behind their artwork. Our curators may pick up on the smallest elements that can easily be fixed, or we can help amateur photographers learn from their oversights by the given feedback.

What factors are used in curating the art?

The Photo Art Pavilion Team reviews all artwork using the following factors: 1.) Clear Center of Interest; 2.) Composition; 3.) Focus and Exposure; 4.) Story; 5.) Lighting; 6.) Creativity and 7.) Uniqueness. Overall, every image stands on its own merit, regardless of the photographer’s experience. 

Will I be notified in my photo is declined?

Yes, of course! We will give you a full explanation within your Photo Art Pavilion account as to why the specific image wasn’t accepted. In many instances, the photo can be fixed and re-uploaded. 

How do I set prices for my photographic art?

Here at Photo Art Pavilion, we fully understand that all artists are at different levels with how much they want to earn for their art, which is why Photo Art Pavilion offers advanced settings within your active storefront. The account will allow you to set the amount you want to earn per image, or size, or even size and medium. The site will add the production fee, and the amount you want to earn, to get the overall retail price. 

What if I have no idea how to price my art?

No problem! All storefronts are loaded with a generic pricing structure. You can change your Set Art Pricing at any time. 

I have a few images that I’d like to have at a higher price point?

We fully understand that some pieces will warrant a higher price. When you upload those individual captures, there will be a field called Premium Pricing for you to fill in. It will add the amount you input, to the overall pricing you’ve set within your Set Art Pricing controls. 

Am I notified when my art sells?

Yes, of course! Photo Art Pavilion will automatically contact you via email when any of your images sell. You will also be able to see this information within your account. It’s a common artists FAQs.

Who processes the payment when my art sells?

All sales conducted on the site go through PHOTOARTPAVILION.COM

I sold something, what now?

Photo Art Pavilion will handle everything from production, shipping, and following up with the customer. However, limited edition artwork will be completed by the artist according to their limited edition requirements.

When and how will I be paid for my sold artwork?

Photo Art Pavilion handles payments to all selling artists before the 15th of every month. We tally up all of the completed sales from the prior month. From there, we will send payment directly to your PayPal account.

If you have any other artists FAQs, then please contact Photo Art Pavilion today, 1 (888) 217-7748.

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