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Distant Guardian

It’s no secret that lighthouses have been guarding the coasts around the world for centuries. Photographers, like myself, often gravitate to them. The imagery of lighthouses makes for great art subjects.

Pictured in this post is one of my favorite images of the Montauk Point Lighthouse, titled ‘Distant Guardian‘. The lighthouse at Montauk Point, the easternmost point of Long Island’s south fork, stands guard along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The Montauk Historical Society declares that the lighthouse is world-famous!

The Montauk Point Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in New York State. This National Historic Landmark has been part of Long Island’s land and seascape for over 200 years and still serves as an active aid to navigation.

A custom-framed print of this iconic landmark could easily complete any room. Need something different? Request a direct quote to budget your art by emailing

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Joanne Henig
Nature Art Photographer

The Beauty of Assateague Island

Ocean wind, waves, sandy beaches, salt marshes, maritime forests, and horses! Assateague Island National Seashore is a beautiful destination for anyone to visit, but especially photographers. The island is home to several herds of wild horses. These horses are closely monitored, but still non-the-less wild. It’s an amazing experience to watch these beauties stroll the grounds and interact with each other.

I personally love watching and photographing the wild horses of Assateague Island. I still remember a few years back, when a horse came up to our truck and tried to bite the tire. It was the moment I’ll never forget; luckily the horse didn’t do any damage to the tire.

Take a moment to explore the sights of Assateague Island from my perspective. All of the art in this collection is available for purchase. Need a specific size or medium, no problem – reach out to Photo Art Pavilion for an art quote.

Jessica Lempin
Photo Art Pavilion Art Photographer

Tree Tops Abstract

A simple walkabout in Long Island’s Prosser Pines Nature Preserve brought me so much peace and serenity. It is quite unavoidable to step softly because the carpet of pine needles beneath my hiking shoes demand it.

As I observed the near silence of my trek, I gazed up at the tops of the mighty pine trees. They gently swayed back and forth and at the same time, a delightful wafting of the scent of the pine forest brought a smile to my face.

I love trees and hiking among them. Throughout the nearly 2 years of restrictions of Covid, I found more and more peace and serenity walking among the trees.

The image that is hanging over the tub is titled Tree Tops Abstract.

If you are into natural abstract art, please take a moment to view my other abstract pieces here, in my Photo Art Pavilion storefront.


Joanne Henig
Nature Art Photographer


I thought I had done a terrific job processing photos of yesteryear. My wife would walk into my studio and we would sigh with satisfaction at the results of my endeavors. Recently, however, I have been reviewing those old photographs and now, I would bet good money that I was drunk when I fine-tuned those images in Lightroom. Some shots were blurred, others were oversaturated, while even others were unbearably grainy.  It has made me ruthless in deleting batches of old photos that are no longer sympatico with my current sensitivities.

Despite this recent purge, I do find some works that still make me proud of my past achievements. Case in point is my study of Lewis Baltz, a photographer from the 60s who specialized in taking pictures of suburban landscapes. I was very taken with his ability to find something beautiful amidst the decaying towns he visited. I was also drawn to the art of Piet Mondrian and his exclusive use of primary colors in grid patterns.

Each one of us has our own evolution and some of us are comfortable with the past while others avoid it. For me, if it wasn’t for my wife, my guide, I would destroy all previous works that don’t resonate with me today. Thankfully, her reverence for how art evolves from past experiences allowed me to look past my revulsions and to see the gems. Meaning I have my own evolutions that come from those blurred, oversaturated and yes, unbearably grainy happy accidents.

Xavier Yondvale

Watching The Fishermen

While on vacation in Dublin, I shot this image of a lone fisherman in the coastal village of Howth, Ireland. It has since become my most liked post across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I am thrilled that it has been seen and admired by people around the world, with rave comments about the color palette, the simple serenity of the water, the fisherman’s candid pose, and likening it to a painting. I can imagine this hanging in any home setting, especially for those who appreciate fishing, waterscapes, coastal scenes, and travel. I hope you like this as much as I do, as it takes me back to a special moment in time watching the fishermen and boating activity along the peninsula of Howth Head.

Garden of the Gods

It is time we are beginning to see past the COVID Pandemic and its restrictions and dangers. Our first adventure this past month was to the state of Colorado and to visit with family. While we were there, we spent a day wandering through the Garden of the Gods, which is in Colorado Springs along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains north of Pikes Peak. The red sandstone formations come from ancient strata that formed beneath a sea and were then pushed up into the current vertical positions. The city park is open and free to the public. You can hike the trails, bike some of them, or ride horses. You can also drive the winding roads and take note of where you will want to park and explore.

Come take a look at my images from around the world.

Steve Scribner
Art Photographer

From Concept To Your Walls

The deep darks and the eye-catching whites are what make black and white artwork so magical.  And when black and white is combined with minimalist photography the aesthetics can be some of the most calming imagery for your walls.

Oftentimes, I think we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us every day. This particular fine art image, ‘Above Water I’ was ultimately converted to black and white to create drama and interest. It was photographed over the lowlands near Charleston, South Carolina.

My ‘Above Water I & II’ series provides the viewer with a feeling of tranquility.  I’ve isolated elements poking out from the water with the use of natural light.  The reflections and shadows of the elements above the water onto the water below create a calm of which the viewer can draw their own interpretation of the scene.

View these as well as my other black and white pieces here, in my Photo Art Pavilion storefront.


Joanne Henig
Nature Art Photographer


I’ve been shackled for a few years by depression, a malaise which paralyzed and sapped motivation. I had given up hope of being able to break free but alas here I am today revitalized and focused on the next phase of my evolution.

What you will see in my works is an unabashed love of romanticism because I seek to stimulate your emotions far more than whatever your predilection for aesthetics may be.

It is my hope that you will find browsing my works worth your time.

Xavier Yondvale

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