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Date: February, 2017

Location: Harriman State Park, NY, USA

Description: A few years ago on an early winter day I decided to take one of my special solo hikes. The weather was crispy and just right for me. Being alone I did as I always do… selected a hike with tree markers that I can make into a circle hike and thus I would be able to get back to my car easily. After about an hour on the trail it began to get dark… and I decided to do some bushwhacking to the trial I was planning to take back to my car. I should have found the tree markers that would guide me back in about 15 minutes or so… hmmm. Not so. About 30 minutes later, still no markers. So I did what my Air Force training taught me and sat down and collected my thoughts, checked my map, had a snack. I took out my binoculars and took a look around… it was so quiet, and the snow got heavier and looked like a Walt Disney movie. I really had nothing to worry about really, I was in a State Park and getting lost wasn’t a problem. I figured I either passed the tree makers I was looking for… or I wasn’t walking as fast as I thought to find them. A fantastic thing happened next… as I was peering through my binoculars down the trail I caught sight of the beautiful young deer. Just staring at me…hmm, I thought—Bambi to the rescue, lol. Well—she finally got spooked and started to run and jump through the woods, faster and faster. She flew past a larger tree and what to my surprise was a tree with the marker for the trail, the very one I was looking for. From there is was easy to find the trail and get back to my car and home for time for supper. The photo attached I snapped about a year later, but it reminds me about the day Bambi really did save me.

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