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Date: July, 2014

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Description: For GOT fans, this was another location that was a backdrop when Little Finger was taking Sansa out to the ship to escape Kings Landing after Joffre was poisoned. This shot was taken at noon during the harshest part of the day in intense sunlight. This is as extreme as it gets for contrasty lighting conditions. Using my histogram (left side for shadows, right side for highlights), I was able to keep most of the image within the dynamic range of my camera sensor with just a bit of clipping in the highlights on the rocks to the left of the stairs. There was a considerable amount of post processing to produce the image you see here. There is a bit of fringing going on where the sky meets the rocks in the upper left which I’ll fix before I print this image. I like the sense of mystery in this composition with the doors being built right into the rock face, (where do they lead??) so I am glad I was able to pull it off.

Two Doors, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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