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3 fox kit siblings playing with each other

Kit’s Play

Jerry Daniel
On Key West, Florida, there are wild roosters running around.

The Rooster Has Many Colors 65

Drew Super Photography
Extremely bright red northern cardinal surprised as it perches on a wire.

Bright red northern cardinal

Manuel Balesteri
Rockies Bighorn Sheep- Photographed on a mountain in Montana. The image was taken with a Nikon D800e

Rockies Bighorn Sheep

Dean Perrus
The White Egret is a water bird and these birds live around the wetland areas.

The White Egret Is In The Wetlands 64

Drew Super Photography
The group of four turtles on a log is located at the wetlands in Del Ray Beach, Florida.

The Four Turtles Are Resting On The Log

Drew Super Photography
Boa Constrictors live in tropical climates throughout most of central and South America. They are

Two Boa Constrictor Snakes Are Looking Straight Into The Camera 60

Drew Super Photography
Baby humpback whale breaching during a whale watch near lahaina.

Baby Humpback Breaching

Manuel Balesteri
Playful humpback whale extending its pectoral fin as if waving to whale watchers.

Kickback Humpback Whale Waving Pectoral Fin

Manuel Balesteri
The ingenious and resourceful nature of a coconut octopus is demonstrated here. The octopus is seen

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Bruce Campbell
At the end of the day, the hippos were wrestling over the last scraps of food.

Hippo Wrestling

Bruce Campbell
Alert Red Fox with perfect fur!

Sexy Beast

Greg Wagner

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