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The ingenious and resourceful nature of a coconut octopus is demonstrated here. The octopus is seen

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Bruce Campbell
A super macro image of an imperial shrimp riding on a sea cucumber. A super macro image means that

His Majesty

Bruce Campbell
A glass shrimp with eggs was looking for a meal while she scoured the crevices between the

Glass Shrimp with Eggs on Fingerprint Coral

Bruce Campbell
Asserting his royalty, this emperor shrimp finds of place of honor to ride across the seafloor on

Hitching a Ride

Bruce Campbell
Adorned in all manner of decorations from the local reef, this decorator crab returned home from a

Copacabana Crab

Bruce Campbell
After a long evening at the local bar, the pygmy goby and her trusted friend peaked out of the bar

Leaving the Bar?

Bruce Campbell
This porcelain crab was using the carpet anemone as a hiding place to stay safe, but also be able to

Porcelain Crab on Carpet Anenome

Bruce Campbell
Although rainbow reef is best known for its soft corals, here nevertheless is a hard coral known as

Sea Fan on Rainbow Reef

Bruce Campbell
A hypsaldoris nudibranch in a pastoral scene with a blue background.

Pastoral Nudibranch

Bruce Campbell
A commensal shrimp resting on an orange sea star

Commensal Shrimp on a Sea Star

Bruce Campbell
A chromordis nudibranch crawling across  the sand 50 feet below the surface of the water..

Chromordis on Sand

Bruce Campbell
Close up of a nudibranch

Close up of a Halgerda

Bruce Campbell

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