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"Exploring the Deep" is a captivating photograph that transports the viewer to a tranquil

Exploring the Deep

Bruce Campbell
Dive into the depths of the ocean with this enchanting photograph, titled "Silvery Serenity."

Silvery Serenity

Bruce Campbell
Stunning detailed beauty of an asian swallowtail resting on a citrus plant,

Beauty of Naure

Manuel Balesteri
Side view of an asian swallowtail seen up close.

Wings of Beauty

Manuel Balesteri
Beautiful asian butterfly hidden between the leaves of a citrus plant.

Quiet Beauty

Manuel Balesteri
Experience the fragile elegance of the underwater world with this captivating photograph. The

Fragile Elegance

Bruce Campbell
"Beneath the Surface" is a captivating photograph that transports viewers into the deep blue

”Beneath the Surface”

Bruce Campbell
World famous largest banyon tre in the world banyan tree in Lahaina.

Meeting Place Under the Lahaina Banyon Tree

Manuel Balesteri
Historical landmark banyan tree on Front Dtreet in Lahaina.

Largest banyan tree in the world in Lahaina on Maui.

Manuel Balesteri
Extremely bright red northern cardinal surprised as it perches on a wire.

Bright red northern cardinal

Manuel Balesteri
"Trash to Treasure" is part of a series of images that captures the adaptability of underwater

Trash to Treasure

Bruce Campbell
Beautiful white egret in flight overhead with wings extended.

White Egret in Flight

Manuel Balesteri

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