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Extremely bright red northern cardinal surprised as it perches on a wire.

Bright red northern cardinal

Manuel Balesteri
Red and black spotted lady bug resting at the edge of a bright yellow flower.

Spotted Lady Bug on a bright yellow flower.

Manuel Balesteri
Large humpback whale agressively tail slapping the ocean.

Humpback Tail Slap

Manuel Balesteri
Great white egret coming in for a landing on the Pacific ocean.

Elegant Great White Egret Wings Spread

Manuel Balesteri
Curious gecko looking directly at the viewer.

Inquisitive Gold Dust Gecko on a Bright Red Flower

Manuel Balesteri
Great white egret perched on a rock in the Pacific Ocean near Pacific Grove looking for it's next

Great White Egret Fishing

Manuel Balesteri
Great White Egret landing on the Pacific Ocean.

Great White Egret Landing

Manuel Balesteri
Spyhopping humpback whale peeking at whale watchers.

Hunpback Whale Peeking at Whale Watchers

Manuel Balesteri
Playful humpback waving her ntail at whale watchers.

Distinctive Humpback Whale Tail

Manuel Balesteri
Beautiful recently emrged monarch butterfly clinging to a branch with a beautiful rainbow

Rainbow Monarch

Manuel Balesteri
Ultra close-up of a feeding monarh butterfly.

Monarch Queen

Manuel Balesteri
Beautiful Monarch butterfly with wings spread in flight over beautiful blue ocean in Lahaina on

Flight of the Monarch

Manuel Balesteri

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