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The WoodStorks are the type of water birds where they hang out around the wetlands.

The Parent Woodstork Bird Is Feeding The Two Chicks 71

Drew Super Photography
Experience the beauty and mystery of the ocean with "Evening Foraging," a captivating artwork

”Evening Foraging”

Bruce Campbell
Experience the captivating beauty of the ocean depths with this stunning photograph titled "Silent

Silent Hunters

Bruce Campbell
"Graceful Underwater Grazing" is a stunning photograph that captures the serene beauty of a sea

Graceful Underwater Grazing

Bruce Campbell
A vulture waiting for a new kill.

When’s Lunch?

Bruce Campbell
A flamingo’s tongue is a mollusk that feeds on coral. This fellow was slowing working his way down

A Lonely Flamingo’s Tongue

Bruce Campbell
The heard had crossed the Chobe river and as they were walking into Namibia, the mother elephant and

A Mother and her young Walking on the Edge of the Herd

Bruce Campbell
As the sun was setting, the water bucks were on high alert because several lions had been patrolling

Water Bucks on Alert

Bruce Campbell
We had been following a small group of white rhinos. As the sun was going down we spotted a black

Black Rhino Charge

Bruce Campbell
The Chobe river provides water to many animals includes several herds of elephants. At the time, I

Time to Cross the River

Bruce Campbell
The invasive species known as lion fish have in many places in the Caribbean consumed vast amounts

Prowling for Lion Fish

Bruce Campbell
The Chobe river in Batswana provides water to a wide variety of animals including several herds of

Walking to the River

Bruce Campbell

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