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Osprey landing in nest

Osprey landing in nest

Steven Biegler
Osprey trying to manage a large fish on a treetop. It fumbled with this fish for a while before

The \”Fish Eagle\”

Greg Wagner
Osprey Mother feeding a fish to her young.

A Fish Breakfast

Greg Wagner
Osprey eating a fish head-first as they are reputed to do.

Osprey Feeding

Greg Wagner
Osprey Nest - Chappaquiddick, Martha's Vineyard.

Osprey Nest – Chappaquiddick Beach

Maria Pulice
This young female sat on this branch for two hours alternately calling out and scanning the skies. I

Calling Out

Rich LaBella
Osprey delivers something soft to go over the branches of the nest.

Some Padding for the Nest

Rich LaBella
Osprey soars on the thermals scanning the water for a potential meal.


Rich LaBella
Looks like the female decided to take off, much to suprise of the male. I guess things weren't

Bailing Out

Rich LaBella
Screaming Bald Eagle in a dispute with a neighboring Osprey. They share the same food sources so

Territorial Dispute

Rich LaBella
Bald Eagle in a dispute with a neighboring Osprey. She almost got him this time.

Territorial Dispute 2

Rich LaBella
Osprey letting neighbors know that this is his territory.

Claiming Territory

Rich LaBella

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