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The moon rising over Balanced rock

Balanced Rock

Bruce Campbell
A giraffe in the early morning feeding on a tree.

Early Morning Snack

Bruce Campbell
Towering above the bush this adult giraffe paused briefly to watch as our game truck passed.

A Head Above

Bruce Campbell
This Kudo doe was watching for predators as the sun was setting.

Sunset on Kudo Doe

Bruce Campbell
This baby giraffe stayed still for quite a while to determine if we were a predator or not.

A Baby Giraffe Looking out of the Bush

Bruce Campbell
As the sun dipped below the horizon this zebra continued to graze.

Portrait of a Zebra

Bruce Campbell
This baby giraffe was looking out for predators.

Surveying the Bush

Bruce Campbell
This great heron stood quietly in this small pond just resting.

A Quiet Pond for a Great Heron

Bruce Campbell
A pensive hippo resting in the water waiting to see where the herd would move to next.

A Pensive Hippo

Bruce Campbell
As the sun was setting this zebra walked to the ridge line and looked over the rest of the herd.

A Zebra standing on the top of the ridge

Bruce Campbell
After a long night of protecting the pride from intruding lions from another pride.

A lion resting in Zulu land

Bruce Campbell
At the end of the day this stick knee bird landed on a small pond and was hunting for a meal.

Reflections on a Blacksmith Lapwing bird

Bruce Campbell

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