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Macro of a plant leaf laced with the morning dew.

Leaf and Raindrop Study

Jack Calandra
Top down drone shot of the watchcase condominiums in Sag Harbor NY. BUILT in 1881 by the

Watchcase Summer

Joanna L Steidle
Golden leaves on beech tree are set against wet snow covering branches in Pennsylvania.

Winter Leaves and Snow

Vicki Jauron
I love the pattern of the posts.

Line of posts.

Juan Cortes
CURRAN 117 1 scaled

Bubbles and Web

Linda Curran
Exploring the elegantly wind-sculpted sand dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central

Waves of Sand

Stuart L Gordon
Virginia bluebells in bloom against tree bark abstract at the John James Audubon Center in

Bluebells and Bark

Vicki Jauron
Sometimes the classic is better

Two door handles

Juan Cortes
What a beautiful and colorful ceiling.

Chinese ceiling.

Juan Cortes
Walking in Manhattan I saw this school buses at store.

Which is my ride?

Juan Cortes
JAURON 129 scaled

Lines of Color

Vicki Jauron
Floral composite white dahlia

White Dahlia II

Mandy Seligman
Old Leather

Leather and Bronze

Mandy Seligman
I blended 2 of my photos from Liberty State Park and Peconic Herb Farm on Long Island. Merging of


Terry Leone
Aerial drone art work made from shadow play. Catching a moment this horse stops grazing between the

Between the Cherries

Joanna L Steidle
an abstract color rendition of foliage

Foliage Abstraction1

Harold Naideau
I guess these trains were under maintenance

Trains resting.

Juan Cortes
I love the color of the leaves.

Pile of leaves

Juan Cortes
Where Mecox Bay opens in The Cut during Winter. There and water flows into the Atlantic Ocean in

Hamptons Winter Beach

Joanna L Steidle
Fall arrives and its’ colours flow, tumbling down like waterfalls but with light and delight. I

Colours flow*

Mary Jane Gomes
This image brings to life a rusted and paint-worn warehouse wall that combines an urban vibe with

Layers of Time

Sharon Steinbach
I saw this car outside of a Cuban restaurant, at Tropicana Hotel.

Corner of Cuba

Juan Cortes
I captured this shot knowing that the people in the image would be blurred out to some degree using


Jack Calandra
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and a mainstay of the classic old fashion garden. While

Oak leaf Hydrangea, Smudged

Marisa Comple
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and a mainstay of the classic old fashion garden. While

Blue Smudged Hydrangea

Marisa Comple
This dome is located on top of Hotel Las Hadas.

Casa Flores.

Juan Cortes
Purple Iris with selective focus

Summer Iris

Tracey Elizabeth
Dozens of flags fluttering in the wind in front of Huntington Town Hall

Flagged Image

Mike Stein
When I saw these lamps I felt that I wanted to touch them.

Bubble lamps B&W

Juan Cortes
Suburban rhythm is influenced by Piet Mondrian and his use of primary colors in grid patterns and

Suburban rhythm 4

Xavier Yondvale
Coi swirls around the pool and leaves traces of color from their movement. Image is available in

Swirling Coi – Panoramic

Steve Scribner
Transform any ordinary room into something extraordinary with the rich colors of this fine art

Cattails In Spring

Joanne Henig
Dancing light permeates, tossing colours here and there, revealing the soul of the forest. I lift

Magic forest*

Mary Jane Gomes
Black and white abstract photo of a birds of paradise leaf with vain

The line between black and white

Tracey Elizabeth
This colors were on top of Hersheypark Carrousel

American flag colors

Juan Cortes
This image is part of a collection titled "Intimate Landscapes". Each image in the collection is

Time for Reflection

Anthony Graziano
Standing tall against white light with echoes of the blue beyond, the tree tops offer their cover of

Under gold*

Mary Jane Gomes
New Yorkers are tough. Subway riders are used to the general dilapidation of the stations, cars and

Rust in Peace

Paul Grayson


Jessica Lempin
Collage of trees and color

Tree Collage

Mandy Seligman

Water Spirits VII

Jim Sabiston
Strolling the quais of the Seine in Paris is a constant delight, even when in the tunnels under the

Iron Power

Paul Grayson
Any spots is perfect to crate a colorful image.

Colors in a wall.

Juan Cortes
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and a mainstay of the classic old fashion garden. While

Pink Hydrangea l, Smudged

Marisa Comple
Floral Abstract of plants and flowers.

Spinning Plants

Jack Calandra
Pure gold permeates the image, light saturating leaves turned in colour then infused by backlight.

Pure gold*

Mary Jane Gomes
It was not long after I took a workshop on lIghtbox photography in January 2020 that we became

Milk Weed Pod and Seeds lll

Marisa Comple
My eye did a dance when I saw this capture in my workflow. I love the brightness of colors in this

The Future Is Now

Jessica Lempin
Composite photograph with water and rain drops


Mandy Seligman
I didn't see any boat tied to this posts.

Wood post B&W

Juan Cortes
Lake Huron at sunrise

Lake Jetty

Mandy Seligman
Tumbling fresh faced foliage persists, basking in the golden light of summer in its ending days. I

Summer’s persistence*

Mary Jane Gomes

Pretty in Pink and Green

Vicki Jauron
A unique perspective of The Gateway Arch St Louis Mo. It challenges our sense of equilibrium.

Looking up The Gateway Arch

John Henderson
The Esplanade de la Defense in Paris' Business District is full of art, particularly statuary and

Mosaic Fountain

Paul Grayson
In Anne’s garden a flash of fire-like colour arrests the eye. I lift my lens to follow their gentle

Fire dance*

Mary Jane Gomes
LEMPIN 290 scaled

Sand Study

Jessica Lempin
Orange and yellow fall leaves in abstract, artistic design.

Leaf Art 1

Vicki Jauron
I like the symmetry in this image.

Stairs B&W

Juan Cortes
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and a mainstay of the classic old fashion garden. While

Pink to Blue Hydrangea, Smudged

Marisa Comple

Bright Balloons

Deborah Kittner
A show horse with a braided mane and a jockey pauses to mentally prepare in the moments before

Braided & Ready

Alyson Betz
JAURON 225 scaled

Bands of Color

Vicki Jauron
Garlicscapes is a collection of photographs that has taken something very ordinary, garlic and

Garlicscape l

Marisa Comple
Collage of lake and blue

lake Collage

Mandy Seligman
I love the shape of the Oculus.

In the middle.

Juan Cortes
These stairs were at Disney Spring.

Mexican Steps.

Juan Cortes
Christmas comes to the stepped, black facade of one of New York's famous 5th Avenue residences.

5th Avenue Christmas

Paul Grayson
Aerial drone view of three surfers contemplating their entrance into the wild surf at Cooper Beach,

Surfer Contemplation

Joanna L Steidle
grasses and seashells abstract

Grasses & Seashells abstract

Harold Naideau
JAURON 234 scaled

Wave Impression

Vicki Jauron
I was on my way to Manhattan, and I captured this image from the bus.

Fuel Oil B&W

Juan Cortes
This is one in a series of beautifully, delicate poppies. Their textured petals make for a perfect

Eye of the Poppy

Marisa Comple
The Esplanade des Invalides in Paris often hosts "Concours d'Elegance" where enthusiasts parade

Wheel Within a Wheel

Paul Grayson
In an eagle-like spread the foliage above looms in its summer colours just before the bite of autumn


Mary Jane Gomes
CURRAN 119 1 scaled

Into My Crystal Ball

Linda Curran
LEMPIN 117 scaled

Water Painting II

Jessica Lempin
antelope canyon slots

Antelope Canyon – side shaft
Coi swirls around the pool in the Dallas Arboretum and leaves traces of color from their movement.

Swirling Coi – Vertical

Steve Scribner
Light winds on the water along a marina dock created just enough distortion of the dock piling

Dockside (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Abstract art created from my DSLR.

Coastal Blur

Jessica Lempin
Saturated pastels against emerald greens live in summer light. I lift my lens to smudge its colour

Summer light*

Mary Jane Gomes
Blue collage

Study in Blue II

Mandy Seligman
Entrenched with rainlike light, dazzling light, the forest gives its near last breath of summer just


Mary Jane Gomes
This one-of-a-kind collage brings to life the intersection of photography and art with the

Birds In The Cherry Blossom Trees Collage

Sharon Steinbach
Abstract forms in the ocean

Natural Abstraction

Krystle DiNicola
I love contrast of the white , green and blue color

White roof

Juan Cortes
I like the pattern of lines on the fence and the bridge.

Vertical lines.

Juan Cortes
Evening light falls in May, its fire light chasing away the frigid blues of winter. I lift my lens

Spring fire*

Mary Jane Gomes
An abstract view of a salt marsh along the coast of Cape Cod, Ma. The contrast in tones creates the

Salt Marsh

Linda Curran
I light the light behind the flag.

Red, Blue and White.

Juan Cortes

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