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Etchells crossing tacks show the clean, classic beauty of the design on the windward leg as they

Going to Weather

Rich LaBella
The power of the barrel with a surfer in total control & concentration. Hurricane Teddy (9/21 &

Powering Out of the Barrel

Rich LaBella
Melges 24, "Wasn't Me" blasts thru waves while planing at top speed to overall honors in the

Blasting Thru

Rich LaBella
Powering out as the barrel rolls all around you.

Makin’ It

Rich LaBella
Can't always make it. Sometimes you gotta' pay the piper.


Rich LaBella
Etchells head downwind creating a classic pattern of "stacked" spinnakers

Downwind Parade

Rich LaBella
Yachts reaching up the Peconic River in the Whitebread 2020 Regatta.

Peconic River Reach

Rich LaBella
"Crossed Swords."  J/24s crossing tacks close-aboard

Crossed Swords

Rich LaBella
J/24s blast to windward in the gusty NW winds. Plenty of excitement, wet and fun with the gusty NW

Truckin\’ to Weather

Rich LaBella
Plenty of action as the Etchells leaders prepare to douse chutes at the finish

Traffic at the Finish

Rich LaBella
"Cloud 9" tacking upwind, crosses ahead of a competitor.

Crossing Tacks

Rich LaBella
Black Skimmer turns on the afterburner flying straight up in pursuit.

Going Up

Rich LaBella

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