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Surfing is well known on the North Shore of Oahu but bodysurfing is less common. The shorebreak at

Bodysurfing on the North Shore

Steve Scribner
Every few years, you can see an Ironman race around the central island of Bora Bora. One-man kayaks

Watching the Race

Steve Scribner
Timing right on the mark, the J/24 fleet lines up in a perfect start.

And They\’re Off!

Rich LaBella
Foredeck bosses spring to action getting chutes up as the J/24s round the weather mark.

Ready to Hoist

Rich LaBella
The fleet rounds the windward mark & crew spring into action to get the chutes up asap.

Busy Mark Rounding

Rich LaBella
J/24s crossing tacks close-aboard going to windward

Close-aboard Crossing

Rich LaBella
Dropping In -  In perfect position for a great ride.

Dropping In

Rich LaBella
As the crew scramble to the rail, this J/24 rounds up.

Lost It

Rich LaBella
"Silver Bullet" blasting by Bug Light in the 2017 Whitebread Race.

Passing Bug Light

Rich LaBella
The Canadian-American Championships (known as the Can-Am) were held at numerous locations including

Porsche at Laguna Seca

Steve Scribner
Foredeck crew prepares the lines to jibe in the Whitebread XXVIII

Preparing to Jibe

Rich LaBella
Etchells crossing tacks show the clean, classic beauty of the design on the windward leg as they

Going to Weather

Rich LaBella
Planing along under spinnaker in the  Whitebread XXVIII.


Rich LaBella
Fleet arrives at the mark together, so the foredeck crew has to spot for room to round.

Traffic Jam at the Mark

Rich LaBella
A lone paddle boarder was out enjoying the sunset and provided the exclamation point for a great

Paddle Boarder At Sunset

Stuart L Gordon
Looking out from the inside of the barrel on a great ride.

Tucked in the Barrel

Rich LaBella
J/24s  squaring off their chutes as they head downwind in gusty conditions.

Chutes Up, Let\\’s Boogie!

Rich LaBella
"Cloud 9" clears ahead of a pack on starboard tack in the  Whitebread XXVIII.

Just Clearing Ahead

Rich LaBella
Overhead sets march ashore kept aloft by offshore winds making for perfect surfing, and intimidating

Ohhh, Crap!!

Rich LaBella
J/24s head downwind  overlapped jockeying for any edge to move ahead.

Three Abreast

Rich LaBella
J/24s blast to windward in the gusty NW winds. Plenty of excitement, wet and fun with the gusty NW

Truckin\’ to Weather

Rich LaBella
Attempt at escaping the barrel foiled as the section closes out.

Seconds from collapse

Rich LaBella
J/24s head downwind  overlapped jockeying for any edge to move ahead

Everyone has Free Air

Rich LaBella
Kayakers on Skilak Lake in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, take in the golden sunset as the sun

Quiet Moment

Stuart L Gordon
Surfer bails out in spectacular fashion grabbing plenty of air.

Double-Reverse Exit

Rich LaBella
Yachts reaching up the Peconic River in the Whitebread 2020 Regatta.

Peconic River Reach

Rich LaBella
Etchells head downwind creating a classic pattern of "stacked" spinnakers

Downwind Parade

Rich LaBella
Perfect break, but no one to ride it.

Empty Barrel

Rich LaBella
#21 passes 17 as they race downwind

Popping Thru to Leeward

Rich LaBella
Truckin' past Greenport on a beam reach

Screamin\’ Beam Reach

Rich LaBella
Class Leaders out on the wire as they go for max speed approaching the finish line.

Home Stretch

Rich LaBella
A perfect barrel seems lit from the inside as a surfer pops out on a great ride.

Last One Out Turn Off the Lights

Rich LaBella
The McKinley Explorer is a popular tourist train in Alaska

The McKinley Explorer

Bobbie Turner
Looking ahead at the dim prospects of making it before the wave closes out.

Impending Doom

Rich LaBella
The Etchells fleet flys across the finish line under spinnaker, giving the cheering spectators a

Colorful Finish

Rich LaBella
Keeping an eye ahead of the barrel with a hand brushing the water for stability

Powering Down the Face

Rich LaBella
The shorebreak can be exciting, both for the inexperienced as well as the seasoned surfer. The

Riding the Shorebreak 2

Steve Scribner
J/24 starts to lose control of the chute as gusts make sailing downwind challenging

Losing Control

Rich LaBella
Etchells crossing tacks as they pound to weather on the first leg as they hike out to keep the boats

Blasting to Weather

Rich LaBella
Kiteboarder out on Peconic Bay off Long Beach, Southampton, NY

Kiteboarder Floating

Joanna L Steidle
The shorebreak can be exciting, both for the inexperienced as well as the seasoned surfer. The

Riding the Shorebreak 1

Steve Scribner
The Etchells fleet reaches the layline & lines up for the windward mark

On the Layline

Rich LaBella
Chutes up & trimmed and now it is up to the trimmer & helmsman to stay in clear air and get to the

All Chutes Trimmed

Rich LaBella
Foredeck works to get the chute two-blocked as they bear off for the downwind leg.

Hoist that Last Foot

Rich LaBella
Epic surf provides great rides, but also spectacular wipeouts. This wipeout gets the award for the

Where\’d the Wave Go??

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 203 1 scaled

Power Exit

Rich LaBella
It is a beautiful, clean wave, but things are not looking so promising ahead.


Rich LaBella
Bowman keeps an eye on approaching yachts at the start of the Whitebread Race.

You Still There?

Rich LaBella
Cowgirl Roping Cattle

Cowgirl Roping Cattle

Gloria Jean Jelladian
Racing for the open while the barrel crashes at your heels.

In the Barrel

Rich LaBella

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