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Photographic Wall Art From Beyond Our Borders

Carry your wall art to faraway lands. Browse images of Iceland, Italy, Spain, France, and more. Pictures from Europe’s greatest regions, and even artful photos of African safaris add debt and character to any room.

A group of giraffes

Giraffe Party

Mandy Seligman
I was wondering where was the people.

Lonely street.

Juan Cortes
Just when you think it will be quiet, an enormous elephant can walk out of the bush in South Africa.

A mature elephant walking out of the bush

Bruce Campbell
Portrait or a cub, whose siblings remained close by and his mom hunted for food.

All Grown Up

Alyson Betz
The northern lights, as seen in the night skies just outside of Reykjavík, Iceland.

Northern Lights (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Joanne Henig
I was in a bus tour when I captured this house in this Tuscany landscape.

Tuscany House

Juan Cortes
Kinderdijk is situated in the Alblasserwaard polder at the confluence of the Lek and Noord rivers.

Windmill at Kinderdijk

Richard Miller
A statue from "behind" looking out toward the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Looking Out Over the City

Vicki Jauron
This image I capture from my room hotel.

100 % Natural

Juan Cortes
Close up showing the elements of water, rock and air in the form of a rainbow over Gullfoss

Waterfall and Rainbow

Vicki Jauron
A Black & White view of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier in Iceland

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier

Dawn Herlihy Reilly Photography
These waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in Chiapas, Mexico.

Cascadas de Agua Azul

Juan Cortes
Angkor Wat temple with reflection in the moat around the temple ruins outside of Siem Reap,

Reflecting On Angkor Wat II

Stuart L Gordon
The CN Tower is the iconic structure in Toronto.

CN on the back B&W

Juan Cortes
I love how the effect of long exposure, makes the water and clouds look.

Long exposure on the falls

Juan Cortes
As the sun was setting this zebra walked to the ridge line and looked over the rest of the herd.

A Zebra standing on the top of the ridge

Bruce Campbell
The colorful houses of the seaside village of Klima, located on the island of Milos.

The Houses of Klima

Maria Pulice
A typical totora boat made out of reeds in Lake Titicaca,  on the Bolivian and Peruvian border.

Totora Boat – Lake Titicaca

Maria Pulice
Dog peeping out a colorful red door in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Watch dog by red door

Maria Pulice
If your bucket list does not include Venice, please add it in today. No words can describe the

La Serenisima

Paul Grayson
Boats docked in the harbor at Port du Crouesty, Brittany, France during the blue hour.

Boats at Port du Crouesty

Vicki Jauron
Two young boys from Kampong Phluk "Long-Pole Village" near Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia struggle

Boys Will Be Boys

Stuart L Gordon
Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a German town in northern Bavaria known for its medieval architecture.

Medieval Wall

Richard Miller
I love the arches in this bridge.

Bridge on the river.

Juan Cortes
The Ripley;s Aquarium of Canada is one of the best aquariums in Canada, is located next to the CN

Lights under the water II

Juan Cortes
VJ245 scaled

Alexandre III Bridge Before Dawn Up Close

Vicki Jauron
La Diana Cazadora is an statue that is located at Reforma, in Mexico City.

La Diana Cazadora

Juan Cortes
I was in an airplane to capture this image.

Mexico City from above II. B&W

Juan Cortes
This Casa Flores was at Las Hadas Manzanillo Hotel.

Casa Flores B&W

Juan Cortes
This is the second largest pyramid in Mesoamerica, after the Pyramid of the Sun.

Pyramid of the moon.

Juan Cortes
White curtains blowing through green shutter doors at the Plaza Mayor in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Green Shutters and White Curtains

Maria Pulice
While I was in a boat tour at Toronto Harbor I saw this beautiful veil boat.

Empire Sandy at Toronto

Juan Cortes
A baby elephant drinking from the Chobe river.

Time for a Drink

Bruce Campbell
View of historic view of the St Charles bridge on a beautiful day in Prague

Charles Bridge Tower, Prague CZ

Richard Miller
Acapulco is one of the favorites places to visit for those people who lives at Mexico City, is only

Playa Las Hamacas

Juan Cortes
JAURON 248 scaled


Vicki Jauron
A view out to see from the cliffs of Lagos, Portugal.

Lagos Overlook (Lagos, Portugal)

Joanne Henig
CN Tower is an iconic tower in this city.

CN Tower.

Juan Cortes
Some architects create a n beautiful art , like this museum with curves shapes, this is the Canadian

Curves at Museum B&W

Juan Cortes
St Mark Basilica is one the most visited places in Venice.

Corner of St Mark Basilica B&W

Juan Cortes
The Auburn automobiles were produced from 1900 to 1937.

Auburn in the falls B&W

Juan Cortes
This Cathedral is located in the heart of the center of Florence.

Piazza del Duomo

Juan Cortes
View from the patio of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento

Cliffs of Sorrento

Richard Miller
San Miguel de Allende is one the most charming places in Mexico, with a very colorful architecture.

Lamps Shadows

Juan Cortes
Two giraffe silhouettes against clouds and sunrays at sunset in blues and purple at Amboseli, Kenya.

Two Giraffe Silhouettes and Sun Rays

Vicki Jauron
This kudo buck was getting ready to cross the Chobe river.

Kudo High Key

Bruce Campbell
Montreal offer a lot of opportunities to practice architecture photography.

Architecture at Montreal II B&W

Juan Cortes
In Teotihuacan we can see several Pyramids.


Juan Cortes
Courtyard in Burano filled with pretty and vibrant houses.

Courtyard of Burano, Venice

Maria Pulice
The CN Tower is the iconic structure at Toronto

Clouds at CN Tower B&W

Juan Cortes
This vervet monkey was waiting for the rest of the troupe of monkeys to reach this high perch in

Vervet Monkey hiding in a Tree

Bruce Campbell
Clouds sweep the sky, making way for sunlight over the Seine, the iconic river that flows through

Big Sky Above The Seine, Paris

Sharon Steinbach
The Grand Hotel in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Grand Hotel Kitzbühel

Maria Pulice
Acapulco Bay is an Mexican paradise.

Sunrise at Acapulco Bay II

Juan Cortes
Adorable close up of a tiny lion cub in black and white at Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Cutie Pie Lion Cub Close Up

Vicki Jauron
Gondolier passing by parked gondolas near Grand Canal area of Venice, Italy. B&W.

Just Passing by (B&W) – Venice, Italy

Maria Pulice
I captured this image of Toronto Skyline during night time from center island. I love how the

Night at Toronto II B&W

Juan Cortes
White Masked outfit - carnival in Venice, Italy

White Masks – Carnival Venice

Maria Pulice
Barra de Navidad Beach is tranquil beach where many families like to spend the weekends, at Jalisco,

Beach Barra de Navidad

Juan Cortes
Its impressive the break of the water on these rocks.

Rocks on the falls II

Juan Cortes
Light but steady winds made the last leg of the sail into harbor in Tortola very pleasant. The

A Calm Sail

Bruce Campbell
A view from above on the stone terrace of Neuschwanstein Castle to the bavarian countryside and

Bavaria ( Germany )

Joanne Henig
On Sunday a lot of Mexican families likes to spend the day at Xochimilco.

Sunday at Xochimilco

Juan Cortes
There are new development of Hotels at Acapulco Bay.

New Hotels at the bay.

Juan Cortes
Gondolier passing by parked gondolas near Grand Canal area of Venice, Italy.

Just passing by – Venice, Italy

Maria Pulice
Driving around some vineyards at Ontario on the lake I saw this antique car.

Citreon on blue

Juan Cortes
A vervet monkey looks down from his perch wondering if he will get a snack.


Bruce Campbell
This one of the most visited streets on Niagara Falls, where you have a lot of fun.

Fun at Clifton Hill

Juan Cortes
I love how the green color of this mountain is reflected in the water.

Green Mountain.

Juan Cortes
Montmorency Falls are one the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada, beside the Niagara Falls.

Waterfalls under the bridge B&W

Juan Cortes
The view of Capri, Italy from the water on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Capri Harbor

Rob Heubish
The architecture at Toronto is stunning with so many modern buildings.

Windows at Toronto

Juan Cortes
Looking up in the hotel where I stayed, I saw this beautiful chandelier

Chandelier on top B&W

Juan Cortes
Spending some time in Paris means a visit to the Louvre Museum. I had read quite a lot about the

Royal Glass

Jacques LeBlanc
This Kudo doe was watching for predators as the sun was setting.

Sunset on Kudo Doe

Bruce Campbell
A small row boat in a field of gold against blue sky in Brittany, France.

Brittany Boat in the Grass

Vicki Jauron
This temple is known for its striking colors when illuminated by the setting sun. It definitely

Pre Rup Temple

Stuart L Gordon
There are a lot of cobble street at San Miguel de Allende.

Street at San Miguel. B&W.

Juan Cortes
Temple of Apollo, in Ancient Corinth, was built about 540 B.C. in the Doric style on the ruins of

Temple of Apollo, Ancient Corinth

Richard Miller
I love the table cloth and the chairs texture.

Table for six

Juan Cortes
The CN Tower is most iconic structure in Toronto.

Part of the CN Tower

Juan Cortes
The stilt-pole village of Kampong Phluk looks at first glance like it was thrown together

River Life II

Stuart L Gordon
The Philopappos Monument is an ancient Greek mausoleum and monument dedicated to Gaius Julius

Philopappos Monument

Richard Miller
How wonderful to see a lioness and her cub, this portrait capturing their unique bond.

The Predators

Alyson Betz
Close up view of the Eiffel Tower looking up from below.

Eiffel Tower Up Close

Vicki Jauron
This is La Catedral Metropolitan , and is located in the center of Mexico City.

Mexican Cathedral

Juan Cortes
On a Rhine River cruise when we passed this gothic church with the chapel on the hill with a rainbow

St. Bonifatius and Clemenskapelle

Richard Miller
Nambug National Park


Mandy Seligman
Chandeliers hanging from the painted ceiling in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, France.

Art of Mirrors and Chandeliers

Vicki Jauron
Dramatic clouds over rugged mountains along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland, taken from a

Iceland Drama

Vicki Jauron
This is a multilane rail bridge across the Rhine. The pedestrian/bicycle lane is famous for the

Hohenzollern Bridge

Richard Miller
At the end of the day this zebra was still grazing.

Portrait of a Zebra

Bruce Campbell
There plenty of shapes and forms of windows at the skyscrapers in Toronto.

Windows at Toronto B&W

Juan Cortes
Montreal offers a lot opportunities to practice architecture photography.

Lonely Street B&W

Juan Cortes
This is the work location of the Mexican Goverment.

Palacio Nacional

Juan Cortes
This baby giraffe was looking out for predators.

Surveying the Bush

Bruce Campbell
Cholla Puebla is a colorful state in Mexico, where the architecture is stunning

Colors of Puebla

Juan Cortes
Woman elaboratly dressed in black creates a big bubble during Carnvial season in Venice.

Bubble in Venice

Maria Pulice

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