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female cardinal hanging on a chain during snow storm

Just Hanging

Bobbie Turner
Kingfisher launches from his perch upon spotting it's prey.

On the Hunt

Rich LaBella
RJL271 scaled

Spoonie on approach

Rich LaBella
Female House Sparrow admiring spring blossoms.

Spring Has Sprung

Terry Leone
Common Loon Pair Looking into Each Other's Eyes.

Loon’s In Love

Greg Wagner
Red cardinal hanging out at the tiki hut during happy hour. Eating bird seeds and also looking for a

One Margarita Please – Red Cardinal Bird House

Maria Pulice
Fine art photography

White Bird

sandi daniel
Soaring Bald Eagle makes a turn looking for fish in the pond below. Notice his strong back muscles


Rich LaBella

Hey, this is my spot!

Rich LaBella
A group of shorebirds forage for food and are in just the right number to remind me of a familiar

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Joanne Henig
MASSI 426 1 scaled

Barred Owl

Kathleen Massi
LABELLA 222 1 scaled

Kung Fu Dustup

Rich LaBella
This Blue Heron is on the hunt for it's next meal, Their movements are very slow as they walk

Great Blue Heron – The Hunt

The peacock stands majestically on the rocks overlooking all who walk by. He was found in a city

Peacock on the Rocks

Steve Scribner

Egret Silhouette

Rich LaBella
A mature bald eagle is gliding in, talons out, getting ready to catch a fish.

Bald Eagle Gliding In To Catch A Fish

Lon Lauber
Osprey bringing in the fish for its young ones.

Bringing Home the Fish

Linda Karlin
LABELLA 189 1 scaled

He Pushed Me!

Rich LaBella
Warm light of sunrise against the mist on the pond with geese providing the silhouettes at Exton

Warm Misty Morning Geese

Vicki Jauron

Tri-Colored Heron Headshot

Rich LaBella
Flurry of Snow Geese in motion against winter landscape in blue at Middle Creek, Pennsylvania.

Those Amazing Geese!

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 360 1 scaled

Morning Hunter

Kathleen Massi
KARLIN228 scaled


Linda Karlin

Pelican on Post

Vicki Jauron
RJL294PANO scaled

Over the Fence

Rich LaBella
MASSI 342 1 scaled

Focused Hunter

Kathleen Massi
Bald Eagle lowers his talons transitioning from search to acquisition mode in preparation for his

Prey Spotted

Rich LaBella
A red-bellied woodpecker is a rare sight at Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Sanctuary in late fall

Red-Bellied Woodpecker I

Alyson Betz

The Look

Rich LaBella
This photograph of a garden paradise stunner is a wallpaper panel authentic to an 18th Century

Garden Paradise Antique Wallpaper

Sharon Steinbach
A female Purple-throated Mountain gem hummingbird of northern Costa Rica.

Purple_throated Mountain Gem

Bobbie Turner
I had been working most of the summer trying to get a good shot of a swan feeding and have the water

Trumpeter Swan – Feeding

Sun is starting to set, while a bird glides past the sun. The bird captured in this image is a


Jessica Lempin
LABELLA 137 1 scaled

Ice Cruisin’

Rich LaBella
A raven perched itself on an old ghost tree along the Grand Canyon's south rim just long enough for

Raven’s Way

Stuart L Gordon

Egret Display

Rich LaBella
Got a few good photo's with a loon chick on the mothers back. In this one the chick has one leg

Loons – Nap time

LABELLA 231 1 scaled

Synchronized Fishing

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 187 1 scaled

On the Hunt 3

Rich LaBella
Common tern bringing fish to its nestling

Common Tern

Bobbie Turner

Snowy Egret

Krystle DiNicola
VJ370 scaled

Skimmers Over Nickerson Beach

Vicki Jauron
Adult Black Skimmer shows how it is done - skimming at the perfect depth to snag small fish.

Skimmer Skimming

Rich LaBella

Scanning the Sky

Rich LaBella
Snowy Egret gets dunked during a pitched battle for dominance on the beach.

Getting Dunked

Rich LaBella
Snowy Owl perched on old rolled-up dune fence

Snowy Owl on Alert

Greg Wagner
Bald Eagle imitating a mime "walking on the ceiliing". She really knows how to twist around in


Rich LaBella
LABELLA 104 1 scaled

Turf Wars 3

Rich LaBella

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