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Even in winter season marinas gives us calm.

Boats Reflection.

Juan Cortes
Venice resting in winter.

Gondolas resting

Juan Cortes
Line of gondolas

Gondolas I

Juan Cortes
My original photo has been digitally painted and is included in my Alaska Series, so you can group

Seward Marina

Keith Rossein
My original photo has been digitally painted and is included in my Alaska Series, so you can group

Seward Harbor

Keith Rossein
My original photo has been digitally painted and is included in my Alaska Series, so you can group

Seagull Guide

Keith Rossein
Chute trimmer keeps close eye on the "curl"  keeping the chute providing maximum lift.

Working the Trim

Rich LaBella
Bowman keeps an eye on approaching yachts at the start of the Whitebread Race.

You Still There?

Rich LaBella
"Cloud 9" tacking upwind, crosses ahead of a competitor.

Crossing Tacks

Rich LaBella
"Alliance" parries a burst in the  rambunctious breezes of Whitebread XXVIII.

Gust! Ease!!

Rich LaBella
"Impulse" passes Bug Light in the Whitebread XXVIII

Passing Bug Light

Rich LaBella
Spinnakers on a broad reach in the Whitebread XXVIII

Reaching Parade

Rich LaBella
"Cloud 9" clears ahead of a pack on starboard tack in the  Whitebread XXVIII.

Just Clearing Ahead

Rich LaBella
Foredeck crew prepares the lines to jibe in the Whitebread XXVIII

Preparing to Jibe

Rich LaBella
Planing along under spinnaker in the  Whitebread XXVIII.


Rich LaBella
Not many tourists, comparatively, visit the western Fjords in Iceland. But if you do, I recommend

Out of Place

Keith Rossein
The boathouses on Canandaigua Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region are picturesque historic

Boathouses on Canandaigua Lake

Sharon Steinbach
When I arrived at Mohonk Mountain House it was drizzling and misty. Still so beautiful I started to

Misty Mountain

Terry Leone
old boat

old boat lying on grass
boats with mountains

MacDonald\’s lake
boat going up a river with reed beds either side

boat journey
Sailing in the Caribbean can be quiet, peaceful, and calming. The warm waters of the islands attract

Island Sail

Steve Scribner
The "Laura Lee" fishing off Ocean Bay Park on Fire Island as the sun sets behind a bank of clouds

Inlet Fishing

Rich LaBella
The Blue Glacier is a gigantic ice formation that is quickly making its way toward the Gulf of


Harvest full Moon rising near Fire Island lighthouse with an unexpected appearance of the Captain

Harvest Moon Magic

Terry Leone
Fisherman enjoying the quiet, calm and beauty of the sunset.


Terry Leone
Little lighthouse looks out over a sailboat on the calm waters of The Great South Bay. Black and

Follow the Light

An aerial view entering the harbor of Port Jefferson on a beautiful summer day

Entering Port Jeff

Rob Heubish
An aerial view of Port Jefferson harbor with the ferry coming into town from Connecticut on a

Welcome to Port Jeff

Rob Heubish

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