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A lifeguard stand watches over an empty beach.

Stand 5.jpg

Kelli Westfal
Beautiful clouds float over the beach on an early spring day.

Beach Fence, Cape Cod.jpg

Kelli Westfal
While walking the trails of the Mashomack Preserve, it's difficult to decide what to photograph as

At a Shelter Island cove

Xavier Yondvale
Colorful San Juan P.R.

San Juan from the Sea

Juan Cortes
Cormorants fishing from poles and nets

Fishing Cormorants

Michael O'Connor
Cormorants aligned on fishing nets.

Birds on a wire

Michael O'Connor
An extra special touch seeing the Montauk Lighthouse decorated for the holidays.

Standing Tall

Terry Leone
Green beach grass blowing in the wind, under a beautiful blue sky, on a perfect day at the end of

Grass and Clouds

A flurry of seagulls flying over the bench along the shore at Heckscher State Park... overlooking

Musical Chairs

This large naturally sculpted chunk of ice was photographed in the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon that

Naturally Sculpted Iceberg

Keith Rossein
While visiting the Bodie Lighthouse in NC, I had an encounter with a snake that came up on the

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Terry Leone
Rocky North Shore of Long Island NY

Rocky North Shore

Erin O'Keefe
coastal cliffs

coastal cliffs
While in the Outer Banks the skies were mostly clear each night we were there. I made several


Terry Leone
I found this ancient on the beaches of Orient Point State Park. The remnants of a giant that are

Slumbering ancient

Xavier Yondvale
Taken at West Meadow Beach, my objective was to saturate the moment with the bright blues that

The big blue

Xavier Yondvale
A jetty that is right off Bridgeport. Once may not see it if one is absorbed in thought at the

Winding road

Xavier Yondvale
I stopped to take in the fanciful flight of seagulls at the Port Jefferson Harbor. As many times as

Watching the birds

Xavier Yondvale
Panoramic view along the Oregon Coast

Along the Oregon Coast

Erin O'Keefe
Perfect evening on Long island, clouds and reflections

Golden Hour Reflections

Erin O'Keefe
Colorful Lobster Traps piled up on the docks


Erin O'Keefe
Gamecock Cottage, built in 1876. Used to store oars and sliding seat rowboats. Located on the West

Sunlit Cottage

Jack Calandra
The Bay side of Montauk below Gosmans Dock the evening before Henri hit...

Blue and Stormy

Tara Chiusano
Montauk Point the evening before Henri hit Long Island...

Land and Sea wrapped in Fog

Tara Chiusano
Egret in lagoon perched on a rock

Sunrise in the lagoon
Sunset on the sound in Corolla.

Beauty of the Outer Banks

Terry Leone
I don't understand why but seeing the ferry depart and arrive keeps me amused even after having

Port Jefferson Ferry

Xavier Yondvale
A view of the Montauk Point lighthouse from the shore below.

Montauk Point lighthouse

Xavier Yondvale
Hanging around the bluff at Montauk Point.

Rocky road

Xavier Yondvale
A perfect barrel seems lit from the inside as a surfer pops out on a great ride.

Last One Out Turn Off the Lights

Rich LaBella
Dropping In -  In perfect position for a great ride.

Dropping In

Rich LaBella
A surfer breaks out staying just ahead of the barrel on a great ride.

Breaking Thru

Rich LaBella
Looking out from the inside of the barrel on a great ride.

Tucked in the Barrel

Rich LaBella
A surfer stays just ahead of the barrel on a great ride.

In the Clear

Rich LaBella
Looking out from the inside of the barrel on a great ride - for now.

Might Not Make It

Rich LaBella
Epic surf provides great rides, but also spectacular wipeouts. This wipeout gets the award for the

Where\’d the Wave Go??

Rich LaBella
Overhead sets march ashore kept aloft by offshore winds making for perfect surfing, and intimidating

Ohhh, Crap!!

Rich LaBella
The California Coast is a long special coastline that stretches for many miles between Los Angeles



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