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Pastel Drop

Deborah Kittner
MASSI 232 1 scaled

Counterpart II

Kathleen Massi
This is one in a series of beautifully, delicate poppies. Their textured petals make for a perfect

Pink Poppy II

Marisa Comple
SABISTON 106 1 scaled

Water Spirits I

Jim Sabiston
DANGRABBIT 529 1 scaled

Stuck in the Sand

DANGRABBIT 528 1 scaled

Into the Pail

It was not long after I took a workshop on lIghtbox photography in January 2020 that we became

Purple Iris, Rhodie & Cornflower-Lightbox

Marisa Comple
Composite photograph with water and rain drops


Mandy Seligman
MASSI 438 1 scaled

Rockport Fishing Shack

Kathleen Massi
This gentle marble angel sculpture watches over all those who believe.

Watch Over Me (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Joanne Henig
MASSI 138 1 scaled

Garden Lights

Kathleen Massi
SABISTON 110 1 scaled

Water Spirits VI

Jim Sabiston
A flowers viewed alone is seen for its singular beauty.

Single White Lily

Mary F Ruppert
DINICOLA 124 1 scaled

Misty Morning

Krystle DiNicola
MASSI 305 1 scaled


Kathleen Massi
HENIG 140 scaled

Exposed I

Joanne Henig
DANGRABBIT 202 1 scaled

Sit in the Middle

This image was taken of a panel from a metal street bin covered with time-honored layers of paint,

Rustic Metal and Paint Series II

Sharon Steinbach
a silhouette of a serious male thinker

The Serious Thinker

Harold Naideau
Visiting the Bayard Arboretum with its Dahlia Garden is an experience not to be missed by anyone

Pink and White Giant Dahlia

Marisa Comple
The Kings of France are buried in this ancient cathedral just outside Paris in the suburb, which

Holy Spirit

Paul Grayson
It's February! A pair of skis and a leftover Christmas wreath is the perfect combination to display

Xs&Os (Vermont, USA)

Joanne Henig
The riggings are used to hoist and control the sails on a sailing ship. On this ship, they are many

Ship\’s Rigging

Steve Scribner
Pots for sale at a Hamptons Nursery

Planting Season

Joanna L Steidle
MASSI 267 1 scaled

Winter Blues

Kathleen Massi
On a warm, late summer night three woman on a bench, enjoy an ice cream and some conversation in the

Ice Cream Social

Jacques LeBlanc
Moving my lens close I capture the magic of the Virginia creeper entwining its autumn dance,

Virginia Creepers*

Mary Jane Gomes
eye doctors' eye charts flying in the sky

The Flying Eye Charts

Harold Naideau
Close up

Into Eternity

Mandy Seligman
MASSI 148 1 scaled

Empty Slips

Kathleen Massi
A painting photograph of a ladybug

Ladybug on Lavender

Bobbie Turner
HENIG 141 scaled

Exposed II

Joanne Henig
MASSI 128 1 scaled

Green Garage Doors

Kathleen Massi
DANGRABBIT 320 1 scaled

House and Home

This is one in a series of beautifully, delicate poppies. Their textured petals make for a perfect

Pink Poppy I

Marisa Comple
DINICOLA 128 1 scaled

Three Snowflakes

Krystle DiNicola
PALERMO 105 1 scaled

Foggy Sun

Anne Palermo
MASSI 231 1 scaled

One of a Kind

Kathleen Massi
ROSSEIN 310 1 scaled

Americana: Yard Decorations

Keith Rossein

Water Spirits VIII

Jim Sabiston
A photographic abstract-surrealism image adaptation of a man-machine - Cyborg in the sands -

Desert Cyborg

Reynaldo Williams
An abandoned nest remains after raising the young chicks and sending them out to explore. Much like


Steve Scribner
Ruins of an abandoned industrial facility

Water Works

Joe Cintorino
SABISTON 107 1 scaled

Water Spirits II

Jim Sabiston
three test tubes contain different colored liquids

Three Test tubes

Harold Naideau
crosswalks, signage, lines in the street and shadows in the Bronx

Bronx Geometry

Harold Naideau

Balloons at Sunrise

Deborah Kittner
Closeup of a phonomana know as a Sundog which occurs when sunlight is reflected through a cloud or

Sundog Closeup

Jack Calandra
DANGRABBIT 170 1 scaled

Have a Nice Fall

MASSI 123 1 scaled

Old Barn on Heal Cove

Kathleen Massi

Bottles Galore

Rich LaBella
5 stacked stones in balance

Stacked Stones (5)

Harold Naideau
MASSI 425 1 scaled

Checking In

Kathleen Massi
Grasses and tree lines reach into the sky with nature’s brushstrokes, bold and beautiful. I trace

Nature’s brushstrokes*

Mary Jane Gomes

With the Girls

Anne Cognato
Jetty into the unknown

Into the Unknown

Mandy Seligman
a bible open with a cross on top, surrounded by candles

Religious Still life

Harold Naideau
Sandals, no longer needed, wait for their owners to return from the beach for the walk home.

Beach Parking

Jacques LeBlanc

The Beacon – Up Close And Personal

Jessica Lempin
It was not long after I took a workshop on lIghtbox photography in January 2020 that we became

Skeleton Leaf and Lime-Lightbox

Marisa Comple
Women have broken free from their role as damsels in distress. Now women get to exercise their

Woman, independent

Xavier Yondvale
Water: Random, Chaotic, DynamicRocks: Static, Orderly, Permanent

Chaos & Calm

Joe Cintorino
Crossed Process film, pink Angel. With a pink aura glow

Pink Angel

Tracey Elizabeth
The old tree holds a swing that held many generations who lived in the ancient house.

The Old Swing

Mary F Ruppert
SABISTON 104 1 scaled

Water Spirits X

Jim Sabiston
beautiful young woman gazing out a window into the light

Vermeer’s Girl

Harold Naideau
Buddha statue

Buddha Illuminated

Mandy Seligman
KITTNER 117 1 scaled

Morning Flight

Deborah Kittner
MASSI 277 1 scaled

Glimmer of Spring

Kathleen Massi
SABISTON 108 1 scaled

Water Spirits III

Jim Sabiston
Before one of my aunts passed I gave her a copy of this photograph. In retrospect I regret it


Xavier Yondvale
A walking trail leads through the tall grassland of the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in a remote corner

Path To Nowhere

Stuart L Gordon
A collection of nuts, bolts, washers and a wrench

Nuts, bolts, washers and a wrench

Harold Naideau
MASSI 310 1 scaled

Catmint Swaying in the Breeze

Kathleen Massi
brass gears

Brass gears

Harold Naideau
The reflection of some trees in the water after a rain creates an artistic image.

Riverside Park: A Different View

Keith Rossein
Poppies This is one in a series of beautifully, delicate poppies. Their textured petals make for

Monochrome Poppy l

Marisa Comple
a pair of old boy's shoes

A Pair of Old Shoes

Harold Naideau
MASSI 191 1 scaled

A Gentleman’s Farm

Kathleen Massi
Collage of lake and blue

lake Collage

Mandy Seligman

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