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River view of Westminster


Carol Rosenthal
Silhouettes at the entrance to the Taj Majal

Framed Taj Majal

Carol Rosenthal
The Parthenon in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the original

Nashville Parthenon

Adorn the Walls
The Rosendale Trestle bridge, part of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Autumn in Rosendale

Carol Rosenthal
The Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms

Jefferson Memorial

Jonathan Lessuck
Nothing prepares visitors for the astounding sight of the Seville Cathedral. This glorious monument

The Cathedral of Seville

Adorn the Walls
The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial framed by Cherry Blossoms

King Memorial I

Jonathan Lessuck
The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial framed by cherry blossoms

King Memorial II

Jonathan Lessuck
Cordoba’s most famous monument is its great Mezquita de Cordoba or Mosque of Cordoba in English –

Mezquita de Cordoba

Adorn the Walls
Lady Liberty holds a waxing crescent moon in balance as it sets over New York Harbor.

Crescent Lady Liberty

Fred Greco

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