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Crispy crunchy leaves after a bit of frost in Audubon, Pennsylvania in early December.

Crunchy Leaves

Vicki Jauron
Thanksgiving sky

Thanksgiving Sky

Jerry Goldstein
First Snow of the Season in New York 2020

Welcome Home

Stan Dzugan
The calm of the Gulf of Mexico and last light over the old pilings of the Naples Pier.

Last Light

Stan Dzugan
Great Blue Heron perched on Lovers Key in Southwest Florida.

Great Blue Heron

Stan Dzugan
Sanibel Island Light in Southwest Florida.

Sanibel Island Light

Stan Dzugan
Black and White Study of a Seashell.


Jack Calandra
I was riding my bike on the path when I spotted this message written on a tree. I thought, what a

A Reminder from Nature

Barbara Lobosco