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The view from the Freedom Tower is stunning, unfortunately they don't allow to use a tripod.

The lights are on. B&W

Juan Cortes
Nice view from my balcony.

Acapulco Bay I

Juan Cortes
I love the wheel fortune and the hotels how they look night time.

Atlantic City I B&W

Juan Cortes
You can see downtown from Queens.

Downtown from Long Island City.

Juan Cortes
It was a very tranquil night at Port Jefferson.

Port Jefferson Lighthouse B&W

Juan Cortes
MASSI 415 1 scaled

Old Stone Church

Kathleen Massi
LEMPIN476 scaled

Fire Island Lighthouse at Night

Jessica Lempin
The traffic in Manhattan is always in a rush.

Moving fast.

Juan Cortes
KARLIN 181 1 scaled

Port Jefferson

Linda Karlin
Two window lights that look like eyes.

Eyes At The Door

Brendan Connelly
Lady Liberty holds a waxing crescent moon in balance as it sets over New York Harbor.

Crescent Lady Liberty

Fred Greco
I love architecture of this Lincoln Memorial.

12 Columns at front.

Juan Cortes
I love the columns in this building.

Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Juan Cortes
Little Island is one of the newest attraction in New York.

Little Island I

Juan Cortes
GRECO 191 1 scaled

Mass Exodus

Fred Greco
VJ244 scaled

Alexandre III Bridge Before Dawn

Vicki Jauron

Empire State Front and Center

Vicki Jauron
LEMPIN 270 scaled

DUMBO Views At Night III

Jessica Lempin
Before I was leaving this location, I saw this fireworks.

Red Fireworks.

Juan Cortes
I love this building looks with the mirror all around.

666 Building.

Juan Cortes

Fire Island Light Moonlight Silhouette 2

Rich LaBella
The Montauk Light under the beauty of the Milky Way.

Montauk Light Under the Milky Way 2

Rich LaBella
Walking along 6th Ave. you can find several skyscrapers.

Buildings with American flags.

Juan Cortes

Empire State Building at Night

Deborah Kittner
I was deriving and I pull over to capture this plane flying in the middle of the beautiful sky.

Sunset from the air.

Juan Cortes
GRECO 173 1

Standing Tall

Fred Greco
I waited until nobody was there, to capture this image.

Bow bridge on blue light.

Juan Cortes
VJ199 scaled

Triboro (RFK) Bridge at Night

Vicki Jauron
Black and white view of a single tree in empty schoolyard at night.

Tree in schoolyard

Reed Gustow

Lower Manhattan Twilight 2

Rich LaBella
I love the water fountain at front , making the Mexican  flag color.

Monumento a la Revolucion.

Juan Cortes
The light on the front door in-between two huge tree's.

Light Between The Tree’s

Brendan Connelly
Moonrise at Fire Island Light

Moonrise at Fire Island Light

Jim Sabiston
In this image looks like the Oculus was protecting the Freedom Tower.

Oculus World Trade Center B&W

Juan Cortes
LABELLA 166 1 scaled

Working Late

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 199 1 scaled

Dumbo Carousel

Rich LaBella
KARLIN101 scaled

9/11 Tribute Lights I

Linda Karlin
The Robert Moses (Bay) Bridge highlighted by the last glow of twilight after an otherwise overcast

Twilight Glow

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 129 1 scaled

Reflections at Dusk

Rich LaBella
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City

Lincoln Center, New York City at night

Harold Naideau
LABELLA 172 1 scaled

Manhattan Bridge Reflections

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 164 1 scaled

Path to the Light

Rich LaBella
Along 6th Ave you can find this ornaments every year on Christmas season.

Christmas Ornaments B&W

Juan Cortes
I love the calm of this marina during the night.

Safe Harbor B&W

Juan Cortes
RJL211 scaled

Fire Island Light Moonrise 2

Rich LaBella
JAURON 149 scaled

Misty Purple Golden Gate Bridge

Vicki Jauron
The Christmas season in New York is very special.

Chirstmas season in New York.

Juan Cortes
The views of Manhattan from Hoboken are like post cards.

Bright like a diamond. B&W

Juan Cortes
LEMPIN 253 scaled

Manhattan Bridge At Night I

Jessica Lempin
LABELLA 385 1 scaled

St. Pete Skyway Bridge Lit

Rich LaBella
I love the zigzag view Manhattan  from Jersey City.

Zigzag of buildings. B&W

Juan Cortes
RJL258PANO scaled

Robert Moses Bridge SuperMoon

Rich LaBella
LABELLA 201 1 scaled

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Rich LaBella
Snow tracks leading into the woods.

Enter A World Alone

Brendan Connelly
A light at the front door.

Front Door

Brendan Connelly
Starry autumn night over Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central Colorado. The dunes are the

Starry Night At The Dunes

Stuart L Gordon
RJL296 scaled

Fire Island Light Moonlight Silhouette 1

Rich LaBella
A White house with clouds going by.

Clouds Roll By

Brendan Connelly
I loved the moon behind the clouds to add drama to this skyline.

Manhattan view from New Jersey I

Juan Cortes
This a majestic hotel in Quebec.

Fairmont Hotel at Quebec

Juan Cortes
This Italian coast is one of the most beautiful in  the world.

Waterside at Sunset

Mary F Ruppert
A hedge over a fence blocking a house from the sidewalk.

Light Behind The Fence

Brendan Connelly
The lighthouse was just enjoying the night.

A tranquil night.

Juan Cortes
GRECO 190 1 scaled

Solemn Colors

Fred Greco
A house with a lot of hedges outside.

Family Of Trees

Brendan Connelly
A tree sways in the wind on a road that leads to a bright light.

Past The Flame

Brendan Connelly
RJL213 scaled

Captree Boat Basin Moonrise

Rich LaBella
I love the blue color at the building and also at The Madison Square.

Empire in the back.

Juan Cortes
The Empire State Building lit up in red, white and blue for Memorial Day.

Red, White and Blue – Empire State Building

Maria Pulice
At was at Hunters Point Park where I was able to capture this image of these skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers at Long Island City B&W

Juan Cortes
I waited until nobody was there, to capture this image.

Bow bridge B&W

Juan Cortes
Color view at night of a small stream in a wooded area ending in a trickling waterfall.

Water in the Woods

Reed Gustow
This marvellous exhibition space also hosts spectacular events, sometimes along with lightshows,

Grand Palais Lightshow

Paul Grayson
LEMPIN 269 scaled

DUMBO Views At Night II

Jessica Lempin
Who wants to try a mojito?

The Cuban Restaurant.

Juan Cortes
This place is great to have dinner at South Street Seaport.

Cobble & Co.

Juan Cortes
It was very quiet in night at Port Jefferson, it was Thanks giving day.

Port Jefferson lighthouse.

Juan Cortes

Lamproom Moonrise

Rich LaBella
Historic Old Westbury Gardens hosted The Shimmering Solstice light show. The former home of John S.

Shimmering Solstice at Old Westbury Gardens

Terry Leone

Robert Moses Beach Water Tower Moonrise

Rich LaBella
A house up the stairs.

Up The Stairs

Brendan Connelly
KARLIN213 scaled

Marine Parkway Bridge

Linda Karlin
This is an iconic hotel in New Hampshire.

Mount Washigton Hotel.

Juan Cortes
I couldn't resist to capture this image.

Freedom Tower I

Juan Cortes
After the sunset this paradise is full of color purple.

Acapulco in Purple.

Juan Cortes
This massive Linda Scott sculpture called Stargazer was originally designed for the ARF Headquarters


Jacques LeBlanc
This tree looked dramatic with this color of the sky.

Tree after sunset II.

Juan Cortes
GRECO 187 1 scaled

Big Horned Milkyway

Fred Greco
People work long hours in Manhattan.

Still in the office. B&W

Juan Cortes

Kure Pier Moonrise

Rich LaBella
RJL332 scaled

Captree Basin Moonrise 2

Rich LaBella

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