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I couldn't resist to capture this image.

Freedom Tower I

Juan Cortes
I loved the moon behind the clouds to add drama to this skyline.

Manhattan view from New Jersey I

Juan Cortes
Who wants to try a mojito?

The Cuban Restaurant.

Juan Cortes
A White house covered in shadow.

House Of Shadows

Brendan Connelly
This place looks very different night time.

Freeport Nautical Mile.

Juan Cortes
Tow iconic symbols, Times Square and the American Flag.

Times Square with American Flag.

Juan Cortes
Walking along 6th Ave. you can find several skyscrapers.

Buildings with American flags.

Juan Cortes
I was at Brooklyn Bridge to captured this image.

Manhattan Bridge Silhouette.

Juan Cortes
A Massachusetts house.

Shadows Growing

Brendan Connelly
While in the Outer Banks the skies were mostly clear each night we were there. I made several


Terry Leone
A white fence in front of a house.

White Gate

Brendan Connelly
moon at night

moon at night
Night time in Roseburg, OR

Sunday Night in Roseburg

Tony Kay
A deserted street on a Sunday night in Roseburg.

Quiet Sunday Night in Roseburg

Tony Kay
On the morning of 16 July 1969, NASA's mighty Saturn 5 launch vehicle rose on a fiery tail starting

Spotlights on Apollo 11

Travis Burgess
A hidden shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

Brendan Connelly
A house at night before a storm.

Storm Coming

Brendan Connelly
Flowers outside a house.

Snow Flowers

Brendan Connelly
Tribute in Light, September 11th Memorial on a slightly cloudy evening, over the Brooklyn Bridge in

Sit in September

Hedge trees cover a house.

Family Of Hedges

Brendan Connelly
Strolling the wooden pier on the West Coast under the evening sky during twilight in the summer


A Massachusetts house.

Enter Left

Brendan Connelly
A Massachusetts house at night.

Front Steps

Brendan Connelly
The Empire State Building lit up in red, white and blue for Memorial Day.

Red, White and Blue – Empire State Building

Maria Pulice
Empire State Building lit up in Blue and Orange - NYC.

Empire State Building – Blue and Orange

Maria Pulice
The Fountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah Georgia.

Forsyth Fountain under the stars

Kevin Kipper
Purple Empire State Building on 34th Street at night.

Empire State Building – Purple

Maria Pulice
The Empire State building reflecting off another building.

Empire State Building = Nighttime Reflection

Maria Pulice
Hudson Yards by night. NYC

Midnight Blue – Hudson Yards

Maria Pulice
San Diego Bay is a natural harbor and deepwater port located in San Diego County, California near


A shadow separates a hedge tree from a house.

Draw The Line

Brendan Connelly
A white house at night.

White House

Brendan Connelly
View of power towers and lines located in Death Valley high desert area. The desert region now has


Washington State has five major volcanoes in the Cascade Range – Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount


A house behind a tree in the night.

Tree Painting

Brendan Connelly
Evening at the barn with an idle Buggy and the warm light of the interior of the barn

Evening at the Barn

Stan Dzugan
Aerial photo taken at the Southampton NY Elks Club Carnival 2021

Elks Carnival

Joanna L Steidle
Turbulent storm clouds swirl in the sky above the arctic ocean. Individual storm clouds can master


Colorful skies above Iceland

Dreamy Skies above Iceland

Erin O'Keefe
A tree cast shadows over a blank wall.

Tree and Canvas

Brendan Connelly
A Picket fence at night covered in tree shadows.

Picket Fence

Brendan Connelly
A hedge separates the sidewalk from the front yard of a house.

Over The Hedge

Brendan Connelly
On 13 September 2008, Hurricane Ike devastated the upper Texas Coast. This image is based on a

The Gathering Storm, Hurricane Ike

Travis Burgess
A suburban street in Massachusetts.

Quiet Road

Brendan Connelly
The side of an office in Massachusetts.

Closed Eyes

Brendan Connelly
Houses rest besides a road with no visible end.

Endless Road

Brendan Connelly
A house where the right side is blank.

Empty Side

Brendan Connelly
A bright light in a small brick structure on the side of the road.

Street Lamp

Brendan Connelly
A street light illuminates tree branches.

Lighting Up

Brendan Connelly
A car covered in a driveway.

Covered Car

Brendan Connelly
A bench in front of a Massachusetts home.

Bench In The Yard

Brendan Connelly
A Duplex in Massachusetts.

Eyes At The Door

Brendan Connelly
A house from my hometown in Massachusetts.

Haunted House

Brendan Connelly
A foggy road leading away from Twin Peaks.

Down Twin Peaks

Brendan Connelly
A boarded Window on the side of a building.

Boarded Window

Brendan Connelly
Downtown NY City viewed through the Brooklyn Bridge & "Dumbo" Nightscape.

Brooklyn Bridge to Lower Manhattan

Rich LaBella
A House on a hill with Rocks in front.

House On The Rocks

Brendan Connelly
A tree casts shadows on the ground in a Massachusetts park.

Shadows On The Ground

Brendan Connelly
Long exposure of the house my friend grew up in.

Pat’s House

Brendan Connelly
A foggy road in Massachusetts.

Foggy Road

Brendan Connelly
One window covered by a tree.

Lonely Window

Brendan Connelly
Digital "solarization" makes a daytime photo of an abandoned farmhouse appear to be a nightscape.

Moon’s Light

Travis Burgess
View from the Top.

Empire State of Mind

Kate Burns
A House isolated from the park it overlooks.

Hiding House

Brendan Connelly
On a foggy night in California I saw this home and tree and it looked like it was drawn onto the

Tree Silhouette

Brendan Connelly
A 3 minute exposure taken on a windy summer night in 2020.

Past The Flame

Brendan Connelly
Stumbled into an alley one night and when i saw the steam I felt like I walked onto an Alfred

The Path Beyond The Smoke

Brendan Connelly
A light hidden behind a tree creating patterns of light and dark.

Light Explosion

Brendan Connelly
This Italian coast is one of the most beautiful in  the world.

Waterside at Sunset

Mary F Ruppert
A star-filled sky emphasizes the openness of the Palouse terrain.

Starry Night

Mary F Ruppert
Moon and clouds near the Johns Hopkins Hospital dome

Moon Over Johns Hopkins

Stephen Spartana
The sun sets over the Gulf framed by palm trees.

Palms in the Sunset

Mary F Ruppert
Half moon over the Tatoosh Range shortly after sunset.

Half Moon Over The Tatoosh Range

Stuart L Gordon
The Milky Way hovers over the Tatoosh Range on the southern border of Mt. Rainier National Park.

Milky Way Over The Tatoosh Range

Stuart L Gordon
Lady Liberty holds a waxing crescent moon in balance as it sets over New York Harbor.

Crescent Lady Liberty

Fred Greco
Full moon rising over Chaos Crags (left) and Mt. Lassen from the shore of Manzanita Lake.

Full Moon Rising

Stuart L Gordon
Although lava was not flowing into the ocean while I visited the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kilauea

Power of Pele

Stuart L Gordon
This is being released as a limited edition. With some dating more than 4,000 years old, the

Spirit of the Ancients

Stuart L Gordon
Starry autumn night over Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central Colorado. The dunes are the

Starry Night At The Dunes

Stuart L Gordon
The last Full Moon of the decade, otherwise called the "Cold Moon" rises above the cloud banks to

Rising Above the Clouds

Rich LaBella

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