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Twirled Cherry Art

Vicki Jauron
A wagon named, Poverty Barn in Ocean Bay Park - Fire Island

Poverty Barn

Maria Pulice
A display of special dyes  used in for coloring textiles in Cusco, Peru.

Textiles & Dyes

Maria Pulice
Autumn leaf play number 3

Autumn Leaf Play 2

Kurt Golgart
Fading Collarette Dahlia

Fading Collarette Dahlia

Rich LaBella
Finding the right lighting and setting for a classical representation of objects.

A still life study 2

Xavier Yondvale
Pinnata Garden Dahlia & Buds

Pinnata Garden Dahlia & Buds

Rich LaBella
Old lock located on New Echota Historical Site.

Old English Lock

Stuart Thomas
Vintage Giant Clown Face at the Prater Amusement Park in Vienna, Austria.

Be a Clown, Be a Clown

Maria Pulice
Flowers and herbs potted in brightly, colored pots against a pink wall. Santorini, Greece.


Maria Pulice
Violet Ball Dahlia

Violet Ball Dahlia

Rich LaBella
Tattered vintage American Flag

Vintage Flag

Maria Pulice
Dahlia bloom macro showing the delicately grouped conical petals.

’David Howard’ Dahlia

Rich LaBella
I often visualize art wherever I am and enjoy self-assignments such as capturing color. By training

Colors in Nature

Margaret Waage Photography

Hybrid Orchid Portrait

Rich LaBella

Thinking of Georgia O’Keefe

Vicki Jauron
One is reminded of our child-like wonder when we found a "wishie". This wild salsify (aka yellow

King of the Wishies

Kurt Golgart
Choosing flowers at the Marietta Farmers Market is so much fun. The flowers are cut fresh and you

Farmers Market II

Margaret Waage Photography
Dahlia pair macro in bloom with morning dew & the petals just unfolding.

’April Dawn’ Dahlia pair

Rich LaBella
Snow covered rooftop in the mountains of Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Alpine Life – Austria

Maria Pulice
A forlorn tulip in a simple, yet shapely vase creates a sad mood.

Tulip in a Vase

Kurt Golgart
Impressionistic rendering of a dahlia bloom

Dahlia Impressions

Kurt Golgart
The Last of the Mohicans book in the middle of other books at the vintage market in London, United

The Last of the Mohicans

Maria Pulice
CURRAN 115 1 scaled

White or Red

Linda Curran
A variety of buoys hanging off a shed. Point Lookout, NY.

Buoys Everywhere

Maria Pulice
Black and White Selenium Toned.

Barrels and Window

Jack Calandra
Two bicycles conjoined and parked at the beach. Nocera Terinese, Calabria - Italy.

Joined at the Hip

Maria Pulice
All different types of vintage cameras sitting on shelves at the Portobello market. London, UK

Vintage Cameras Galore 1 (London, U.K.)

Maria Pulice
Part of my series of images in the collection I call "Ranch Life." This image was made on a

Ranch Life #4

Stuart L Gordon
Autumn leaf number 3

Autumn Leaf Play 3

Kurt Golgart
A 'Thanksgiving Cactus' plant is in full bloom during November. Both the Christmas and

Thanksgiving Blooms

Margaret Waage Photography
Zinnia bloom showing the delicate & intricate stamen used to attract pollinators.

Yellow Zinnia

Rich LaBella
White bicycle parked against a fence on a corner.

White Bicycle in the Park

Maria Pulice
VJ436 scaled

Caumsett Tree and Daisies

Vicki Jauron
LABELLA 177 1 scaled

Mirrror Image

Rich LaBella
Standing tall, sunflowers seem to guard the garden and reach heights that catch attention. Their

Bring Me Flowers

Margaret Waage Photography
Collarette Dahlia

Collarette Dahlia

Rich LaBella
You can almost taste the sweet juices of berries, nectarines, and peaches in this summer still life.

Fruits of Summer

Sharon Steinbach
The abstraction of color created when shooting a bubble in winter.

Bubbles in Blue

Linda Curran
Terracotta flower pots dangling off a balcony in Taormina, Sicily - Italy

Sicilian Balcony

Maria Pulice
The quais along the Seine in central Paris are full of interest, not least because they are either

Stress and Strength

Paul Grayson
LABELLA 146 1 scaled

Cull House

Rich LaBella
A bloom of goldenrod in a pubic park with artistic impressions and texture added.

Goldenrod Still Life

Vicki Jauron
STEIN 109 1

Country Window

Mike Stein
Fairy lights highlight the mystery of the mask.


Linda Curran
Summer garden cosmos

Garden Cosmos

Kurt Golgart
"Flame DayLily"  Lily stamen extend an offering for pollinators.

Day Lily

Rich LaBella
Number 6 in a series with feathers and flowers. Although, I think the perfume bottle may steal the

A Delicate Pairing 6

Kurt Golgart

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