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MASSI 174 1 scaled

A Slice of Light

Kathleen Massi
I like the sunset with the trees.

Two trees silhouettes.

Juan Cortes
Sunset glistening over the Bay Shore Marina, Long Island. American flag and owl statue become

Sunset Over Bay Shore Marina, Long Island

Maria Pulice
Beautiful light combined with the beautiful form of a venerable giant oak tree in Modesto,

Light & Form

Stuart L Gordon

Sailboat Facing Bridge

Vicki Jauron
Although its prime claim to fame is hosting a famous golf tournament, Pebble Beach is also well

Sunrise Surprise

Stuart L Gordon

Pink Overhang

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 400 1 scaled

Dawn’s First Light

Kathleen Massi
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: June, 2016 Location: State Channel at Cedar Beach, Long

Sunset Love (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
WAGNER130 scaled

12 Apostles Sunset

Greg Wagner
"Miss Liberty" lighting NY Harbor with a colorful sunset.

Miss Liberty Sunset

Rich LaBella
A lone soul ponders the eternal, lost in admiration of the wondrous creation that is Greece.

The Meditator

Paul Grayson
Riding off into the sunrise atop my trusty steed, I waved my 10-gallon hat at the townsfolk who had

Sunrise Reverie

Stuart L Gordon
The Stanislaus River runs through a narrow gorge at sunset in Knight's Ferry, California.

The Stanislaus River

Stuart L Gordon
A beautiful sunset appears after a passing rainstorm on a very quiet Dune Road in Hampton Bays, NY.

Dune Road Sunset

Jacques LeBlanc
LABELLA 130 1 scaled

Rippled Sunset

Rich LaBella
VJ429 scaled

Rough Seas at Sunrise

Vicki Jauron
First light of the morning sun strikes the formations of the Grand Canyon and creates a tapestry of

Morning At Mather Point

Stuart L Gordon
MASSI 256 1 scaled

Arrival of Evening

Kathleen Massi
I love the combination of these two colors.

Blue and Orange

Juan Cortes
JAURON 149 scaled

Misty Purple Golden Gate Bridge

Vicki Jauron
The ferry carrying passengers back and forth is a special treat to see at sunset.

Ferry at sunset 1

Isaac Namdar
KARLIN 140 1 scaled

Guiding Light for Santa

Linda Karlin
A beautiful sunrise frames petrified trees on a pristine beach.

Sunrise Silhouette 2

Rich LaBella
KARLIN 155 1 scaled


Linda Karlin
Sunset on the Great South Bay sends out red trailers across the cloud banks.

Red Sky at Night

Rich LaBella
Beautiful blues & pinks fill the sky as dusk falls.

Twilight Afterglow

Rich LaBella
LEMPIN 268 scaled

DUMBO Views At Night I

Jessica Lempin
Winter sunset from West Islip Beach at the West Islip Marina. This is my winter go-to for last

West Islip Ice Reflections

Nicole Esposito
A spectacular sunset to watch. The clouds were perfect to produce the "sky on fire" look and the

Remembering Watching Submarine Races 3

Rich LaBella
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: June, 2016 Location: Great South Bay, Long Island, New

Wispy Clouds (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
BR136PANO scaled

Lighthouse Dawn

Bob Retnauer
VJ332 scaled

Sunrise Layers

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 353 1 scaled

Fire and Rain

I love the muted colors of this reflective sunset at Robert Moses. Winter sunsets on Long Island are

Moses looking West

Nicole Esposito
On a dark, stormy morning there was a break in the clouds and as a single ballon drifted upwards

A Light Shines

Alyson Betz
A beautiful sunrise frames petrified trees on a pristine beach.

Pristine Beach

Rich LaBella
sunrise clammer

Sunrise Clammer

Nicole Esposito
ADDISON148 scaled

Misty Morning

Saulmon Addison
In the harsh light of mid-day, the granite shelf and formations at shoreline along Pebble Beach,

The Glory of Granite

Stuart L Gordon
Some winter waves over at Robert Moses. This was a COLD and very windy evening, but completely worth

Winter Waves

Nicole Esposito
Last Light Panorama at the Fire Island Inlet Bridge.

Last Light Pano

Rich LaBella
Robert Moses Bridge with a summer's purple and pink sunset in the background.

Summer’s Last Goodbye

Jessica Lempin
A full moon rising above earth's shadow.

Tucson Moon Rising

Bobbie Turner
A sole elephant in the wild proceeds slowly, silhouetted by the morning sun.

A Solitary Morning

Alyson Betz
At sunset, the mesas of Monument Valley on the Utah/Arizona border turn a burnished gold.

The Golden Mesa

Stuart L Gordon
JAURON 129 scaled

Lines of Color

Vicki Jauron
DANGRABBIT 461 1 scaled

Blushing Heavens

The spring sun gentle settles below the horizon along the Long Island Sound as seen from the shores

Wildwood Sunset

Anthony Graziano

Sunset on the Boardwalk

Rich LaBella
KARLIN222 scaled

Ferry to Connecticut

Linda Karlin
The sky exploded with color as the sun sank toward the horizon at Pfeiffer Beach on the Big Sur

Big Sur Sunset

Stuart L Gordon
I attended an all day photography workshop at Mashomack Preserve in Shelter Island. We were


Terry Leone
GOLDSTEIN 120 1 scaled

Winter Sunrise Reflections on Water and Sand

Jerry Goldstein
Early on an autumn morning at The Snake River at the Oxbow Bend, Wyoming, USA.

Mountain Sunrise

Stuart L Gordon
Photographer: Joanne Henig Photography Date: June, 2016 Location: Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National

Good Morning America (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
Shaft of light from the rising sun is broken up into crepuscular light beams by mist and tree

Hallelujah Moment II

Stuart L Gordon
GOLDSTEIN 118 1 scaled

Puff of Color Sunrise

Jerry Goldstein
KARLIN 128 1 scaled

Sunrise on the Farm

Linda Karlin
Beautiful sunset at midnight near the arctic circle in Iceland.

Sunset at Midnight

Vicki Jauron
LABELLA 218 1 scaled

Last Dive

Rich LaBella
JAURON 166 scaled

Winter Foam Sunrise

Vicki Jauron
Different classifications of clouds can be seen from the windows of aircraft when flying.

Clouds in the Sky

Steve Scribner

Orange Wave Impressions

Vicki Jauron
VJ278 scaled

Sunrays Over Boardwalk

Vicki Jauron
PALERMO 100 1 scaled

Illuminating Sunset at Ditch Plains Beach

Anne Palermo
A beautiful way to end the day overlooking the mountains as the sun is setting. The colors just came

Sunset Over the Mountains

Jessica Lempin
KARLIN 138 1 scaled

Morning Beauty

Linda Karlin
LABELLA 126 1 scaled

Pink on the Rocks

Rich LaBella
MASSI 258 1 scaled

Low Tide on the Sheepscot River

Kathleen Massi
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Crescent City, CA.

Sunset over the Pacific

The sky seems to go on fire during a beautiful sunset over the Fire Island Inlet Bridge.

Sky on Fire

Rich LaBella
The Best Seat in Town


Anne Palermo
October Sunset

October Sunset

Nicole Esposito
MASSI 398 1 scaled

Surf Survivor

Kathleen Massi
late Fall Moses Sunset

Late Fall Moses Sunset

Nicole Esposito
Captree Bridge

Captree Bridge

Nicole Esposito
Sunset on the Great South Bay. The clouds were perfect to produce the "sky on fire" look.

Sunset Afterglow

Rich LaBella
GOLDSTEIN 117 1 scaled

Morning Awakening

Jerry Goldstein
ADDISON135 scaled

Moon over Port Jefferson

Saulmon Addison
LEMPIN 249 scaled

Views From Brooklyn Bridge Park At Dusk

Jessica Lempin
Another spectacular sky hangs over the Robert Moses Bridge at sunset. If you look closely, you can

Moses Bridge At Dusk

Jack Calandra
Bright yellow sunsent over the homes and beaches of Seaview, Fire Island.

Yellow burst of Sun Over Seaview, Fire Island

Maria Pulice
One of the most photographed tress in the world, the Lone Cypress graces the coastline at Pebble

Lone Cypress At Sunset

Stuart L Gordon
JAURON 188 scaled

March Madness

Vicki Jauron
GOLDSTEIN 102 1 scaled

Serene Sunrise

Jerry Goldstein
KARLIN 185 1 scaled

Red Hot

Linda Karlin
Sunset casts a blue glow across the beach of Nice, France. The day is done. The glow of lights

Evening Sunset in Nice, France

Steve Scribner

Golden Sunrise Over Waves at Montauk

Vicki Jauron

Sunrise Walk in November

Vicki Jauron

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