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MASSI 153 1 scaled

Salt Grass

Kathleen Massi
JAURON 205 scaled

Windy Beach Textures

Vicki Jauron

Massapequa Lake in Fall

Vicki Jauron
Hillside of aspens and evergreens in full autumn sunlight, Telluride, Colorado, USA.

Autumn Illumination

Stuart L Gordon
Have you ever carved your initials or lover’s name in a tree, hopefully, to remain there for

History in Bark

Keith Rossein
LEMPIN 199 scaled

Fall Foliage

Jessica Lempin
Using a long lens at sunrise to explore the elegantly wind-sculpted sand dunes of Great Sand Dunes

Golden Dunes

Stuart L Gordon
CALANDRA 147 scaled


Jack Calandra
Storm Clouds that brought torrential rain, wind and minor tornadoes to Long Island.

Storm Clouds-2

Susan Solomon
Abstract art of a leaf in fall in magenta, orange and yellow colors.

Leaf Art 2

Vicki Jauron
Fairy lights highlight the mystery of the mask.


Linda Curran
Bright yellow goldenrod against a concrete wall.


Anne Cognato
The Colors of Fall

The Colors of Fall

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 128 1 scaled

Green Garage Doors

Kathleen Massi
Exploring the elegantly wind-sculpted sand dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central

Waves of Sand

Stuart L Gordon
Even at the very start of the Avalon Preserve at Stony Brook, I was greeted with a lively palette of

On The Path

Xavier Yondvale
In this national park, encompassing 150,000 acres, many geological wonders can be seen from hiking

Zion National Park Image 4

Keith Rossein
A dense canopy of aspens and poplars in peak autumn color foliage at the base of Marcellina

Autumn Canopy

Stuart L Gordon
MASSI 142 1 scaled

Autumn in the Air

Kathleen Massi
With this creation, I aim to place the viewer within the confines of my vision, visually and

Colors of the Fall #6

Xavier Yondvale
The rains carve canyons in the sandstone. Iron oxides which become deposited along the way,

Waves of Rock

Bobbie Turner
Vertical panoramic panel of trees in blurred motion against sky at Bosque del Apache, New Mexico in

Tall Tree Abstract

Vicki Jauron
Orange and yellow fall leaves in abstract, artistic design.

Leaf Art 1

Vicki Jauron
VJ336 scaled

Bench in the Woods

Vicki Jauron
The swirling grey and white sandstone formations of White Pocket located in the Vermillion Cliffs

Big Sky at White Pocket

Fred Greco
Detail of autumn foliage in peak color display.

Detail, Aspen Foliage

Stuart L Gordon
MASSI 383 1 scaled

Shoot for the Sky

Kathleen Massi

Lighthouse Through the Grass

Vicki Jauron
CINTORINO136 scaled

Cold Fusion IV

Joe Cintorino
VJ324 scaled

Two Fall Benches

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 131 1 scaled

Autumn Brilliance at Bowers Brook

Kathleen Massi
JAURON 230 scaled

Bokeh Reflections

Vicki Jauron

Peak Colors at Wertheim

Vicki Jauron
THe sky fills with color as sunset falls on the sandstone formations of White Pocket, located in the

White Pocket Sunset

Fred Greco
VJ321 scaled

Golden Rays at Sunset

Vicki Jauron
The roughness of the textures emphasizes the intricacy of the petals.

Textured Dahlias

Mary F Ruppert
JAURON 218 scaled

Cherry Textures

Vicki Jauron
As I was walking thru this spiraling canyon, I notice the "heart" carved out of the stone.

Love in the Canyon

Keith Rossein
One colorful, gold and orange leaf, plus a tiny green plant, stands out amongst the dry brown leaves

Natural Pressing

Some of the most beautiful and colorful rock formations that I have ever seen can be found in Bryce

Guarding the Valley

Keith Rossein
Looks like a deer face in this weathered shed

Anne Palermo-Deer In The Wood

Anne Palermo
Storm Clouds that brought torrential rain, wind and minor tornadoes to Long Island,

Storm Clouds

Susan Solomon
macaroni pasta and a tomato

Macaroni pasta and a tomato

Harold Naideau
JAURON 136 scaled

Jones Beach Morning

Vicki Jauron
Black and white view of the pillars that hold up the Hell Gate Bridge.

Under The Hell Gate Bridge

Jessica Lempin
JAURON 226 scaled

Soft Pink Pano

Vicki Jauron
DINICOLA 128 1 scaled

Three Snowflakes

Krystle DiNicola
A display of special dyes  used in for coloring textiles in Cusco, Peru.

Textiles & Dyes

Maria Pulice
Summer grows wild, fans and foliage mixing in emerald shades, bursting with life, saturated with

Emerald Fans*

Mary Jane Gomes

Swirling Cherry

Vicki Jauron
CURRAN 107 1 scaled


Linda Curran
The beautiful bloom of an iris in spring, a sign of warm weather to come.

Iris in Bloom

Linda Curran
Black and White Study of a Seashell.


Jack Calandra
PALERMO 110 1 scaled

Worn And Weathered

Anne Palermo
This magnificent view is in walking distance to downtown Capetown.

Smashing Rocks

Keith Rossein
The beautifully wind-sculpted dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central Colorado. The

High Dune

Stuart L Gordon
Old and decaying gas pump and at defunct gas station along the roadside. Color photograph.

Contains Lead!

The macro image of an iris right before it blooms after the rain.

Budding Iris

Linda Curran
VJ339 scaled

Beach Chair Art

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 137 1 scaled

Autumn Splendor

Kathleen Massi
A close-up of the beard on an iris after the rain.

Bearded Iris

Linda Curran
One of the most spectacular displays of autumn color in the aspen forests of Colorado that I came

Detail, Autumn Foliage

Stuart L Gordon
I saw this cactus at Chapultepec Castle

Don’t touch

Juan Cortes

Wisteria on a Beautiful Spring Day in Babylon

Vicki Jauron
Granite boulders that cover the ground in the Alabama Hills of California seems to vibrate with

Boulder Field At Sunrise

Stuart L Gordon
MASSI 136 1 scaled

Autumn Reflections

Kathleen Massi
Rock formations in the slot canyon, Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Yá’át’ééh (Hello)

Dawn Herlihy Reilly Photography
In between our dreams and reality.

Leave it to the Trees

Kate Burns
On the drive from Utah into Arizona, we passed many awesome rock formations, right beside the

Rising Up

Keith Rossein
This is one in a series of photographs of these delicate yellow poppies. Their textured petals make

Monochrome Poppy II

Marisa Comple
MASSI 419 1 scaled

Falls at Eames Pond

Kathleen Massi
In this national park, encompassing 150,000 acres, many geological wonders can be seen from hiking

Zion National Park Image 12

Keith Rossein
This is one in a series of photographs of these delicate yellow poppies. Their textured petals make

Poppy Closeup B/W

Marisa Comple
Crispy crunchy leaves after a bit of frost in Audubon, Pennsylvania in early December.

Crunchy Leaves

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 168 1 scaled

Bowers Spring Stunner

Kathleen Massi
I was able to capture the awesome texture of these water and wind sculpted rocks on Reynisfjara

Rocky Passage

Keith Rossein
While walking along the beach in SAn Pedro we came across a market selling beautifully hand crafted,

Market Wares, Belize

Marisa Comple
DANGRABBIT 334 1 scaled

Don’t Liter Please

VJ291SQUARE scaled

Misty Bridge Morning in Babylon

Vicki Jauron
A water pump windmill on a farm in Colorado. This unretouched photo was taken while riding on the

Water Pump Windmill on a Farm

Susan Solomon
Dramatic landscape of the canyon walls of Zion National Park in black and white.

Rugged Rocks of Zion

Vicki Jauron
CINTORINO135 scaled

Autumn Flood

Joe Cintorino
JAURON 217 scaled

Cherry Cherry

Vicki Jauron

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