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MASSI 296 1 scaled

Every Wall is a Door

Kathleen Massi
Fence with a gap. Blue sky shows though.

Crack in the Fence

Alice Borowsky
A close-up of the beard on an iris after the rain.

Bearded Iris

Linda Curran
A continuation of Fall color studies in which I attempt to imbue the viewer with the spirit of the

Colors of the Fall #13

Xavier Yondvale
Love the texture and details.

Plant II

Alice Borowsky

Lush summer view of the Little Bridge in Babylon

Vicki Jauron
An exploration of textures and contrast, this abandoned building sits beyond the tall beach grass

Grass and Bricks

In the fishing village of Howth Ireland, fishing nets are piled on the pier awaiting their next

Fishing Net Series III, Howth Ireland

Sharon Steinbach
This is one in a series of photographs of these delicate yellow poppies. Their textured petals make

Monochrome Poppy II

Marisa Comple

Wisteria on a Beautiful Spring Day in Babylon

Vicki Jauron
Dramatic landscape of the canyon walls of Zion National Park in black and white.

Rugged Rocks of Zion

Vicki Jauron
Flower painted on an adobe style building in Santa Fe, NM

Flower Power

Steve ODay
Spiky haired  brown alpaca

Quirky Alpaca

Maria Pulice

Fall in Oakdale

Vicki Jauron
Vertical panoramic panel of trees in blurred motion against sky at Bosque del Apache, New Mexico in

Tall Tree Abstract

Vicki Jauron
Abstract views of the sea grass on a dune.

Waves of Grass

Jessica Lempin
JAURON 226 scaled

Soft Pink Pano

Vicki Jauron
The vivid colors of the Grand Canyon are startling when the light is right. This was taken mid-day

Moran Point Vista

Stuart L Gordon
CURRAN 117 1 scaled

Bubbles and Web

Linda Curran
In the fishing village of Howth Ireland, fishing nets are piled on the pier ready for the next

Fishing Net Series II, Howth Ireland

Sharon Steinbach
DANGRABBIT 334 1 scaled

Don’t Liter Please

Old stone sculpture of an angel, in an odd place behind a building in Georgia. Fine art photograph

Angels in Back

VJ320 scaled

Fall Bench at Elizabeth Morton

Vicki Jauron
Warm light of sunrise against the mist on the pond with geese providing the silhouettes at Exton

Warm Misty Morning Geese

Vicki Jauron
Summer grows wild, fans and foliage mixing in emerald shades, bursting with life, saturated with

Emerald Fans*

Mary Jane Gomes
An old dead tree, textured and bare, with other trees in the background. Fine art black and white

An Old Friend

In the fishing village of Howth, Ireland, these colorful and intricately knotted fishing nets are

Fishing Net Series I, Howth Ireland

Sharon Steinbach
LEMPIN 137 scaled

Dewy Grass

Jessica Lempin
Hillside of aspens and evergreens in full autumn sunlight, Telluride, Colorado, USA.

Autumn Illumination

Stuart L Gordon
A display of special dyes  used in for coloring textiles in Cusco, Peru.

Textiles & Dyes

Maria Pulice
Fine art abstract inspired photograph of sea shells and seaweed sitting along the shore, just under

At The Surface

The beautifully wind-sculpted dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central Colorado. The

High Dune

Stuart L Gordon
JAURON 217 scaled

Cherry Cherry

Vicki Jauron
Train tracks stretching off into the distance under a stormy and dramatic sky. Taken in the rural

Middle of Nowhere

PALERMO 112 1 scaled

bougainvillea wall

Anne Palermo
Red duct tape, orange paint. Wall in Vienna,

Red Duct Tape

Alice Borowsky
Several red-walled slot canyons are found in the desert around Page, Arizona. An Image of a

Horsehead Image in Lower Slot Canyon

Steve Scribner

Peak Colors at Wertheim

Vicki Jauron
VJ291SQUARE scaled

Misty Bridge Morning in Babylon

Vicki Jauron

Layers of Lavender

Vicki Jauron
MASSI 438 1 scaled

Rockport Fishing Shack

Kathleen Massi
Great Sand Dunes, the highest dunes on the North American continent, with the Sangre de Cristo

Wind Swept

Stuart L Gordon
JAURON 206 scaled

Windswept Waves

Vicki Jauron

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