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Top Down drone shot of Alewife Drain in North Sea, Southampton, NY

Speckled Way

Joanna L Steidle
Dancing light permeates, tossing colours here and there, revealing the soul of the forest. I lift

Magic forest*

Mary Jane Gomes
Winter evening, freezing fingers, just enough room to snap the shutter at beautiful old tree.

Frosty Night

Al Foti
A hillside awakens to an early morning preview of spring as the woodlands begin to take on the

Spring in the Hills

Anthony Graziano
tree trucks in the snow

trees in snow
Reds of every description fill the forest, turning rust, pierced by light astride brown and black

Crimson fall*

Mary Jane Gomes
Birch trees stand in stark contrast against the rest of the forrest in a remote area of Acadia

Birch Trees B & W (Maine, USA)

Joanne Henig
After another winter ice storm I went to high ground hoping to find an overlook where I could

Valley of Ice

A beautiful view from one of the many overlooks along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

The Valley Below

Joanne Henig
Autumns vibrant colors surround a lake in Southampton on Long Islands South Fork

Autumn Palette

Anthony Graziano
Standing tall against white light with echoes of the blue beyond, the tree tops offer their cover of

Under gold*

Mary Jane Gomes
This lake is a beautiful spot to spend some time and enjoy lunch. If you are ever lucky enough to be

Blue Birch

Al Foti
Huge old tree in the sun, with a place to sit under its amazing branches. Black and white

Listen to History

A tree grows out of a rock formation surrounded by beautiful spring colors situated along the Cayuga

Translucent Landscape

Jack Calandra
Pretty colorful trees in Southold, NY.

Rainbow Forest Landscape – Southold

Maria Pulice
A mile or two down a small road from the Ringwood Manor, lies a small lake that was once used every

Lonesome Birch

Al Foti
Changing the Colors at Monksville

Reflections in the Fall

Michael Paulhamus
Aspen grove, Uncompahgre National Forest, Ridgway, Colorado, USA. The more time I spend in forests

Rhythm of the Forest II

Stuart L Gordon
In an eagle-like spread the foliage above looms in its summer colours just before the bite of autumn


Mary Jane Gomes
A windswept Monterey cypress, distorted by decades of buffeting by fierce windstorms off the Pacific


Stuart L Gordon
Crooked trees along the north shore of Long Island, reflected in the water. Contrasty black and

A Mirror Remembers

This giant evergreen consumes the landscape. Its mighty trunk grabs the earth with authority,

Evergreeen (Long Island, NY)

Joanne Henig
Virginia creepers announce the fall, its vibrant colour calling out to all. Delicate leaves make

Red announcement*

Mary Jane Gomes
Aspen grove I stumbled upon in eastern Oregon near Hermiston. As humans, I think we all have a

Cathedral of the Trees

Stuart L Gordon
My eyes are arrested by the layers of colour nature displays before me. I move my lens spreading

Painting with light*

Mary Jane Gomes
In summer’s last display, shimmering light travels down, rain-like, washing three trunks, and

Raining green*

Mary Jane Gomes
The Olive Tree can live for many years and still bear fruit. This specimen was found on the Spanish

Old Olive Tree

Steve Scribner
Sunbathed colour permeates through a haze of light turning its image milky. Surreal this childlike

Milky trees*

Mary Jane Gomes
This is a high contrast split toned panoramic image of bamboo trees at the edge of a meadow.

High Bamboo Trees (Split Tone)

Jack Calandra
Lucky to live in an area that experiences the beauty of fall foliage I never tire of photographing

Roots to Bridge

Marisa Comple
I like the combination to he clouds with the green colors.

Tree of life

Juan Cortes
Reflections of Fall at Monksville

Reflections Series #1

Michael Paulhamus
The low-hanging cascade of foliage atop this tree-lined path creates a stellar atmosphere for

Wherever Your Path May Lead

Sharon Steinbach
A grouping of three almost bare Aspens. Just a handful of golden leaves hang on. I love the curves

Aspen Beauties

Marisa Comple
Dense Foliage and Valley View, Watkins Glen State Park, Watkins Glen NY.

Hidden Valley

Jack Calandra
Cherry trees are always beautiful in spring.

Small flowers on a cherry.

Juan Cortes
This wooden walkway goes across the marsh and into the forest.. The forest surrounds Jenkinson Lake

Walkway to the forest

Unfurling new life, spring greens arrive, playing out their delight against a powder blue sky.

Spring greens*

Mary Jane Gomes
Turbulent movement, red heads rustling in the winds here on the Canadian shield, yet like palm trees

Flagship red*

Mary Jane Gomes
Little Red House in the Trees, near Monksville Reservoir in the Fall

Little Red House

Michael Paulhamus
Blossoms arrive amid the greens infused with light and warmth. They travel down the river the green


Mary Jane Gomes
In a world filled with copycats and the desire to fit in, Be the one to stand out in the crowd!

Stand Out

Joanne Henig
Top down drone shot of Autumn in the Hamptons 2021

Autumn at Alewife 2021

Joanna L Steidle
A wave, a sea of colour. Frost bites the foliage turning it gold and red and rust. I move with its

Sea of colour*

Mary Jane Gomes
The tree tops of the pine trees in Long Island's Prosser Pines Nature Preserve are more interesting

Tree Tops Abstract

Joanne Henig

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